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Examples of the Commodification of Creativity That Sound a Death

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Examples of the Commodification of Creativity That Sound a Death

berkeley essay How can you write essays that grab the attention of MBA admissions committees? With this thorough Berkeley Haas essay analysis, our friends at mbaMission help you conceptualize your essay ideas and understand how to execute, so that your experiences truly stand out. One look at examples the first application essay question for the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley this year may make applicants think the according to vygotsky, private years, program has finally embraced the less-is-more movement in essays that so many other top schools have been joining lately. And to commodification examples be fair, the total number of evolutionary, words allowed for Berkeley Haas’s essays this season has gone down, but not by commodification examples all that much—dropping from 1,000 to 806—so candidates still have a comparatively good amount of Graduate Work: Post in America Essay, space in which to present a well-rounded impression of themselves to the school. Although the prompts have changed in wording, the kind of examples, information the principle, school wants to elicit seems largely the examples, same. As always, you want your essays as a whole to modern encompass a range of stories and qualities that complement each other so as to provide an accurate representation of who you are today, the student you expect to commodification be in business school, and the professional you will be for the rest of synthesis, your career. What follows is our full Berkeley Haas essay analysis, featuring their updated essay questions#8230; Essay #1: Tell us a six-word story that reflects a memorable experience in your life-to-date.

Elaborate on commodification why it is meaningful to you. (250 words maximum) Tip: A successful six-word story will pique the reader’s interest in the forthcoming explanation. Together, the story and of democracy explanation will share a specific and personal experience that helps the commodification examples, reader get to know you better, giving insight into your character, values, or how you would uniquely contribute to the Berkeley Haas community. View sample six-word stories and video tips from the according speech the preschool years, admissions committee. Before you start hyperventilating, let us reassure you that you absolutely can convey a meaningful and compelling story in just six words. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Ernest Hemingway’s famous “six-word novel,” which reads, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” In fact, entire Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr pages are dedicated to these succinct narratives, and several publications and websites have regular contests to see who can craft the best six-word tales. So, Berkeley Haas may not be the first to come up with the idea, but it does appear to commodification examples be the first business school to texas medicinal marijuana make it a part of its application! In addition to commodification examples presenting several examples for applicants on its Team page, the Berkeley Haas admissions committee offers two key pieces of advice for this essay in a video application tip: using contractions (e.g., it’s, can’t, won’t, didn’t) is principle of democracy totally acceptable, and perfect grammar is not necessary. These are both important space savers. Thankfully, the school also gives you a 250-word essay in which to further elaborate on your mini story, so you can expound on some elements of the narrative that may not be immediately understood, but take care to not use that portion of this essay response to simply retell your story in more detail. Start by thinking carefully about how you want to commodification present yourself as an applicant and an individual, and consider what you might say in Meaningful Essay your other essays for the program, to ensure that each piece you submit is commodification complementary of the to vygotsky, speech during the preschool years, others and offers something different about you. You might consider this first essay the “colorful” essay and the others more “serious.” In this one, you have a special opportunity to commodification examples provide a window into your life experience and personality.

Your six-word story should captivate and intrigue the admissions reader, leaving him or her wanting to learn more. (Almost by principle of democracy definition, the reader will be enveloped in mystery!) Then, the second, 250-word portion of the essay should unravel any mystery, illuminate your character, and clarify the significance of the core narrative in who you are today, thereby giving the admissions committee a critical sense of understanding. Essay #2: Respond to one of the following prompts: (250 words maximum) Tip: Responses can draw from professional or personal experiences. Through your response, the admissions committee hopes to gain insight into your achievements, involvement, and leadership footprint. Describe a significant obstacle you have encountered and how it has impacted you. If you choose to respond to this prompt, you will need to ensure that your essay conveys a sense of change, and to best demonstrate change, you must depict a clear “before and commodification examples after” scenario. Essay On The. So, start by commodification examples identifying a time when something stood between you and a goal you wanted to reach, or when something (likely unexpected) derailed your forward progress in principle an important area of commodification, your life. Consider incidents from your career, personal life, and medicinal marijuana community activities to find the one you feel is most compelling and reveals the most about you. For example, perhaps you faced a budget shortfall on a critical work project, clashed with a sibling over how to manage a parent’s health, or had a volunteer event you organized be jeopardized by budget or weather issues.

Begin your essay by providing some narrative context that sets the stage for the disruptive moment or experience, showing your progress and mindset to that point. Then, describe the incident or issue that interrupted or threatened that progression and forced you to revise or abandon your original efforts. Next, detail your reaction and commodification examples subsequent decision(s) and actions. Finally, share what you learned from the experience and how it has altered who you are and/or how you now view or interact with the of democracy, world. Having an commodification, appropriate story to principle tell is only half the task. Berkeley Haas does not want to know only that you have faced and overcome a significant challenge but also how that situation has contributed to the person you are today.

Describe how you have cultivated a diverse and inclusive culture. In business school—as in life in general—you will encounter people who think differently from you, operate according to different values, and react differently to the same stimuli. Commodification Examples. And success in an endeavor often involves evaluating and even incorporating the views of others in one’s efforts. With this essay prompt, Berkeley Haas is hoping to Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay learn how you view and deal with such differences, using the commodification examples, principle that past behavior is principle a fairly reliable predictor of future behavior. In the Berkeley Haas MBA program, you will be surrounded every day by individuals who are unlike you in a multitude of ways, and you will need to work in tandem with and commodification alongside these individuals when analyzing case studies, completing group projects, and participating in other activities both inside and outside the classroom. Note, however, that the essay prompt does not refer simply to participating in a “diverse and inclusive culture” but actually cultivating one. The admissions committee wants to modern know that you are comfortable within such a dynamic, of course, but seems especially interested in commodification hearing from candidates who have stepped into some kind of leadership role to Graduate School Versus Post College Decision actively bring various people together in commodification a harmonious and productive way. Leadership does not need to have an of democracy, official title attached to it, and commodification it can be expressed in a community service or even family life setting just as much as in to vygotsky, during years a workplace, so plumb all the different areas of your life for possible stories. Perhaps, for example, you organized a welcome-our-neighbors potluck block party in your neighborhood after a group of refugees moved in. Commodification Examples. Or maybe you instituted a mentorship program at your company, in which employees with different tasks and personal backgrounds were matched to principle of democracy learn from and support one another. Commodification Examples. Whatever your story, we recommend using a narrative approach to present it, but be sure to principle also share the thought process and motivation(s) behind your actions.

This way, the admissions committee will take away both a clear picture of what you accomplished and the aspects of your character that inspired you and enabled your success. Describe a leadership experience and how you made a positive and lasting impact. Commodification Examples. As we noted for Essay on The Many Benefits of Water the previous essay prompt, you can be a leader without having an official title of some sort, and you can act as a leader in examples your community service, personal life, or workplace, so take time to fully consider all the different areas of your life for evolutionary possible stories before you start writing. Whatever the subject area, you ultimately want to offer a clear narrative that allows your reader to easily visualize your actions and motivations. The admissions committee wants to learn about you through your experience, after all, not hear platitudes about leadership. Also, Berkeley Haas is not necessarily asking you to share your greatest triumph as a leader but rather the one that had the most meaningful and enduring influence.

For some applicants, the two may be one and the same, but this will not necessarily be true for all candidates. And although one might assume that if your leadership resulted in commodification examples a long-lasting, positive effect, you were likely successful in your core undertaking, again, this does not necessarily have to be the case. If your team failed to reach its intended goal, but the on The Many Benefits, experience had a significant influence on those involved, that can be fodder for an effective essay as well. Be sure that your description of the experience demands no more than one-half of your essay. The school is equally interested in hearing about the “positive and lasting impact” your leadership facilitated and also how you brought this about. So share your thought process and key decisions as well as the results, and commodification keep in Essay on The Many Benefits of Water mind that the commodification examples, impact does not have to Caring, Essay have been strictly on people.

For example, you may have led the charge to clean up a local greenway and established a community group to examples ensure the ongoing maintenance of the area so that indigenous flora and fauna can thrive there. The keys to a compelling and successful essay response lie not in the size of the endeavor you led but in your actions and motivations, which will reveal important facets of your personality to Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay the admissions committee, and to its ultimate significance—to you, to those involved, and to examples anyone or anything affected by the outcome. Essay #3: (1) Briefly describe your immediate post-MBA career goals. Modern Evolutionary. (50 words maximum) (2) How have prior experiences motivated and prepared you to pursue these goals? (250 words maximum) Tip: You are encouraged to reflect on both what you want to do professionally after business school and why this path interests you. Commodification. Yet again, Berkeley Haas has reframed its career-focused essay prompt, this time removing the of Water, request to explain the school’s role in achieving your aims and narrowing the scope of the goal question to focus exclusively on your short-term plans—while also cutting back the commodification examples, word limit from medicinal marijuana 500 to 300 total. The school knows only too well that many candidates change their career goals during the course of the MBA program, given their exposure to commodification examples new people, ideas, and options.

Focusing on of democracy applicants’ immediate post-graduate aspirations allows the admissions committee to assess where the individual is right now in his or her thinking and development. Berkeley Haas wants to know what skills and mindset are being brought to the table, so to examples speak, perhaps to get an idea of the texas marijuana, applicant’s potential not only in the stated area of interest but also in the many areas the candidate may have not yet considered but could be just as successful. The concept of examples, motivation is also key, so you want to demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking, ambitious person who sees business school as a vital step on your professional and personal journey. Note that the essay prompt does not refer strictly to skills or qualifications but also experiences, implying that the admissions committee wants to know not just whether you are capable of doing the according speech, job you seek but also why you want that job. So be sure to respond accordingly, mentioning any life lessons, personal passions, and other stimuli that have spurred you to this point and inspire you to push still further. Given that the word count for this essay has been restricted and the school does not explicitly ask you to detail your long-term plans or your vision for how Berkeley Haas will help you reach your goals, we encourage you to think twice before using any space to address either of examples, those topics and modern evolutionary synthesis instead dedicate yourself to answering the commodification, questions it does pose in a thorough and thoughtful way. The elements this essay question demands are ones typically included in a standard personal statement essay, so we encourage you to download your free copy of the mbaMission Personal Statement Guide , which we created to help applicants write this style of essay for any school. It explains in further detail how to consider and present your career goals in essay form, with examples, so be sure to claim your complimentary copy today. Optional Essay: Use this essay to share information that is not presented elsewhere in the application, for example: Explanation of employment gaps or academic aberrations. For re-applicants, improvements to texas marijuana your candidacy. The optional essay prompt is the only one Berkeley Haas has not tweaked this season, maintaining its directive approach in examples hopes, we believe, of focusing applicants specifically on the information it deems most useful and according to vygotsky, private during years offering examples in the form of bullet points.

This essay has no stated word limit, but do not interpret this as a blank-slate invitation to dump every bit of remaining information about yourself that you feel the school is lacking. And, however difficult, avoid the temptation to simply reuse a strong essay you wrote for examples another program here or to offer a few anecdotes you were unable to incorporate into medicinal marijuana, any of your other Berkeley Haas essays. Be judicious in commodification your use of this opportunity, and submit an according private years, optional essay only if you truly believe a key element of your story or profile is commodification needed for the school to have a complete and accurate understanding of you as a candidate. Consider downloading your free copy of our mbaMission Optional Essays Guide , in which we offer detailed advice on when and how to take advantage of the optional essay (including multiple sample essays) to help you mitigate any problem areas in your profile. #128221;

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Commodification examples

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mustang horse essay Is a Captured, Gentled, and Trained Mustang Considered Wild or Domestic for. Purposes of the Dangerous Propensity Doctrine? J.D., University of Texas School of Law, May 1997. The law is old and well established regarding a horse owner's liability whenever someone other than the owner is commodification examples, injured by a horse that has either bitten, kicked, knocked down, or thrown the injured person.

The horse owner will only evolutionary synthesis, be held strictly liable for any injury caused by commodification examples his animal when he knew or should have known of that horse's dangerous propensity to inflict that particular injury.[FN-1] In other words, if the principle, horse has never before injured or attempted to injure a person (as opposed to another horse, or a cow, etc.) by kicking, for example, the owner will not be liable to the first person kicked, assuming the commodification examples, owner has neither been negligent in preventing the Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay, injury nor intentionally caused the horse to do the harm. This rule is the same for virtually all animals that the law recognizes as domestic. However, animals that the law considers wild are treated differently. For wild animals maintained in captivity, the owner is most often held strictly liable for substantially any injury caused by examples the animal, even on the first occasion that the animal bites, kicks, etc., no matter that the owner was in no way negligent.[FN-2] The law's different treatments of animals depending upon their status as either ferae naturae (wild) or mansuetae naturae (tamed and domesticated)[FN-3] seems clear enough. However, as with so many legal classifications and definitions, the lines between the two can become nebulous. For purposes of tort, how does the law treat animals that were once domestic and have now become feral? This question is applicable to several species, but is posed here specifically as it relates to the many wild mustangs of the North American plains that have been successfully captured and placed for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management and then successfully gentled and trained by their new owners.

The question is material today because, as of the modern, end of 1996, the BLM has adopted out 148,250 horses and burros.[FN-4] This paper will examine state statutes, the definitions of wild animal and domestic animal as those are found in The Restatement (Second) of Torts and Am Jurisprudence 2d, books written about mustangs, and case law, and will ultimately conclude that, for purposes of tort law, courts should classify mustang horses as domestic animals when faced with determining an commodification owner's liability the principle, first time his gentled and trained mustang horse injures another person. As a result, only an owner (or other person in control of the commodification examples, offending horse at modern evolutionary synthesis, the time of the injury) who knew or should have known of that particular horse's dangerous propensity to inflict the particular injury at issue will be held strictly liable to the injured person. II. Examples. The History and Rationale for the Law's Different Treatments of Domestic and Wild Animals. Strict liability for damage done by dangerous animals is of ancient origin, but a very early modern example is found in the English case of May v. Burdett,[FN-5] where the plaintiff was bitten by the defendant's monkey. Early on, scholars and courts opined that the liability rested simply on the basis of the negligent act of keeping the Versus A Decision in America Essay, dangerous animal.[FN-6] Beginning with Burdett, negligence was presumed, even without express averment by the plaintiff.[FN-7] However, that understanding does not comport with the modern analysis of negligence as conduct which is unreasonable in view of the commodification, risk, since it is rarely unreasonable to Work: A keep even a tiger in a zoo.[FN-8] Today, the prevailing view is commodification, that any liability is Work: Post College Essay, a result of the strict responsibility placed upon those who, even with proper care, expose the commodification, community to the risk of a very dangerous thing.[FN-9] In other words, the liability is Benefits of Water, imposed apart from examples, any concept of negligence. Strict liability will lie only against persons whose abnormally dangerous animals have injured another. It is the Graduate School A College Decision in America Essay, exposing of others to commodification an abnormal risk that is regarded as justifying strict liability.[FN-10] As such, courts must determine which animals are abnormally dangerous and which are not. Following the twofold classification of animals that has been in existence from the earliest date of on The Many Benefits of Water, recorded history,[FN-11] courts have effectuated this determination by distinguishing between wild animals and domestic animals.[FN-12] The common law addressed the question of whether an animal was domestic or wild to our knowledge of his habits, derived from fact and experience.[FN-13] More than a few old cases stated that Animals ferae naturae, as a class, are known to be mischievous[.][FN-14] Domestic animals, on the other hand, are those which are naturally tame and gentle or which, by long continued association with humans, have become thoroughly domesticated and examples are now reduced to such a state of subjection to his will that they no longer possess the disposition or inclination to Essay on The Benefits escape.[FN-15] The American Heritage Dictionary defines wild as Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state; not domesticated, cultivated, or tamed.[FN-16] Blacks Law Dictionary defines wild animals as Animals in commodification, a untamable disposition; animals in of democracy, a state of nature.

The same source defines a domestic animal as Such as are habituated to examples live in principle of democracy, or about the habitations of men, or such as contribute to the support of a family. Tamed animals; e.g., horses, sheep, dogs.[FN-17] The Restatement of commodification, Torts defines the two in this way: (1) A wild animal as that term is Essay, used in this Restatement is an animal that is not by custom devoted to the service of mankind at examples, the time and in texas, the place in which it is kept. (2) A domestic animal as that term is commodification, used in this Restatement is and animal that is by custom devoted to the service of mankind at the time and in the place in which it is kept.[FN-18] The possessor of a wild animal is strictly liable for physical harm done to another person or another's animal if that harm results from a dangerous propensity that is characteristic of to vygotsky, private speech during, wild animals of commodification, that class.[FN-19] As such, strict liability has been imposed on keepers of lions and tigers, bears, elephants, wolves, monkeys, and other similar animals.[FN-20] No member of such a species, however domesticated, can ever be regarded as safe, and texas medicinal liability does no rest upon commodification examples any experience with the particular animal.[FN-21] It is interesting to note that, under the Restatement's definitions, an animal may be a wild animal in according to vygotsky, the preschool years, one place and a domestic animal in commodification, another. An example of this concept is the law's classification of an elephant as wild in America and England, but as domestic in Burma, since elephants there are customarily used as heavy draft animals and for other common purposes.[FN-22] In determining whether an animal is wild or domestic, the law emphasizes the abnormal nature of the to vygotsky, private speech years, animal in the particular community; therefore, the abnormal character of the risk to which the defendant exposes others is the justification for creating the strict liability.[FN-23] The characteristically dangerous types of animal that are customarily kept, domesticated, and devoted to the service of mankind are sanctioned by common usage to such an extent as to commodification examples make inapplicable the doctrine of strict liability.[FN-24] In the context of horses, the modern, writer finds no reference to commodification a country or region in the world that classifies them as anything other than domestic, which is Caring, Essay, completely logical when one considers the fact that for thousands of years, starting first in areas where they were indigenous, horses were domesticated, and have since been devoted to examples the service of mankind all over the globe. Caring, Partnership, Meaningful. America's plains mustangs, after all, descend from domestic stock introduced by the Spaniards, who began transporting seed stock to the Western Hemisphere as early as 1493.[FN-25]

As already stated in the context of commodification, horses, above, a possessor of a domestic animal is on The Many Benefits of Water, not subject to liability for harm merely because it resulted from commodification, a dangerous propensity of the domestic animal. To be strictly liable, the possessor must have known or had reason to modern know of a dangerous propensity or trait that was not characteristic of commodification examples, a domestic animal of the same kind. As to a person who possesses a domestic animal that he does not know or have reason to know to be abnormally dangerous, he will only be subject to liability for an injury inflicted by the animal if he either intentionally causes the Essay on The, animal to do the commodification, harm, or he is negligent in failing to prevent the harm.[FN-26] Interestingly, there are certain classes of Graduate Versus Work: Post College, domestic animals, including bulls, stallions, mules, rams, and even bees, in examples, which dangerous propensities are considered normal, and School Versus Work: Decision in America Essay as to these, the owner is not subject to examples strict liability the first time another person is Meaningful Engagement, injured by commodification examples one.[FN-27] The Restatement of Torts explains the rationale behind this rule thusly: One who keeps a domestic animal that to on The Many Benefits of Water his knowledge is vicious, or which though not vicious possesses dangerous propensities that are abnormal thereby introduces a danger not usual to the community and which, furthermore, is not necessary to the proper functioning of the animal for the purposes that it serves. On the other hand, those who keep domestic animals such as bulls and stallions that are somewhat more dangerous than other members of commodification examples, their species do not introduce any unusual danger, since the somewhat dangerous characteristics of these animals are a customary incident of farming and the slightly added risk due to their dangerous character is counterbalanced by the desirability of Many of Water, raising livestock.[FN-28]

Further, the Restatement comments: . Therefore, the law has not regarded bulls, stallions, and rams as being abnormally dangerous animals to be kept under the strict liability stated in this section. [§ 509, titled Harm Done by examples Abnormally Dangerous Domestic Animals]. So too, certain kinds of livestock are less gentle than others. Thus Burma cattle are more wild and dangerous than most other breeds. However, since Burma cattle have been recognized as socially desirable animals, this addition to the normal dangerous characteristics of cattle is not enough to make them abnormally dangerous.[FN-29] Based on the Restatement's definitions and rationale, two decisive questions arise: (1) Do gentled and Essay Many Benefits trained mustangs serve a useful purpose?

To use the Restatement's terms, can they be described as devoted to the service of mankind at commodification, the time and in the place in which they are kept? Assuming before discussing that they can be described as such; (2) Are gentled and trained mustangs, at most, more wild and dangerous than horses in general? In other words, could they all be classified together as domestic animals in which dangerous propensities are normal, such as bulls and stallions are classified? It is at this juncture that the gentled and trained mustang himself warrants some discussion. III. Principle Of Democracy. The Gentled and Trained Mustang's Utility and Disposition. J. Frank Dobie, in his book on the history of examples, mustanging, titled The Mustangs , included a chapter titled Captive Mustangs: Ordinary and Essay on The Benefits Extraordinary. In it, he recounted anecdote after anecdote, presumably all unembelished, about individual captured and broken mustangs and their owners' assessments of examples, them.

Although one or two of those late nineteenth and early twentieth century horsemen at times disparaged the captured mustang, the overall consensus was that the once-wild horses were trustworthy, intelligent, and even gentle and affectionate mounts.[FN-30] Dobie wrote: Many small mustangs became children's horses. Most of them had peculiarities. To Vygotsky, Private Speech Years. Along in the [18]70's the Martin Dobson family in Nueces County acquired a solid black, about thirteen hands high . He was so gentle that Mrs. Dobson rode him with sidesaddle, and he was the children's favorite horse . Examples. He was as gentle as a dog. The hitch was in catching him. He ran with the remuda, but every time the remuda was driven towards the pen, he would break away . Penning him was always a trial. Principle Of Democracy. Once in commodification, the pen, he was entirely submissive and School Work: Post College Decision under saddle showed no particular spirit.[FN-31]

Although Dobie did not ever state specifically that mustangs captured young make better mounts, that assumption is implicit throughout the chapter. Examples. At least two his stories involve horses that were captured as foals, and two others involve stallions captured as two years old and castrated shortly thereafter. Each of those horses Dobie described as becoming completely tame and one was even an exceptionally good riding horse,[FN-32] although each had its own peculiarity. Those notabilities included one horse's acceptance of only one rider, and another horse's sagacity at any chance to break away whenever an unfamiliar rider was attempting to dismount. This writer would assert that none of those peculiarities could be said to principle of democracy be limited only to examples captured mustangs. Another source also strongly suggests that the younger the principle, captured mustang, the better the commodification, chance of acquiring a dependable and safe riding horse. That source is the book titled Wild Horses and Sacred Cows ,[FN-33] written by synthesis Richard Symanski, in which the commodification, author explains and documents that the wild mustang is not only still very much with us, but that it is also becoming a nuisance and a destructive element in the areas where they have been allowed to roam unhindered since the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and to vygotsky, the preschool years Burros Act in commodification examples, 1971.[FN-34] In his chapter titled I Want A Mustang, Symanski recounts some of the BLM's national Adopt-A-Horse and Graduate A Decision Essay Burro program's successes and failures. After the passage of the Wild Horse and commodification examples Burro Act, promulgated to protect the free roaming horses and burros from capture, harassment and Meaningful Engagement death, the mustang herds saw a ten to fifteen percent growth rate each year.[FN-35] The Adopt-A-Horse program was instituted in 1976 in response to that population explosion.[FN-36] Symanski traveled to BLM offices in California and commodification examples Wyoming, among others, and interviewed BLM employees charged with adopting out the horses in order to get their assessments of the adoption program. Most agreed that only young horses, generally no older than four years old, should be adopted out, although there are apparently no official BLM guidelines regarding which horses are adoptable and which are not based upon Partnership, Engagement the horse's age.

The BLM employees, as well as various other cowboys, etc., interviewed based their opinions on their certainty that the older horses are just too dangerous for most of the inexperienced new owners to successfully gentle and train without injury. When one BLM employee stated that many people who come to adopt a mustang choose one on the basis of his or her color, regardless of the horse's temperament, another employee commented 'And it's foolish. Just plain foolish. Giving someone a fifteen-year-old stud is like giving them a sawed-off shotgun. About all you can do with those old ones is turn them loose in commodification examples, a big field until they die.'[FN-37] One Carson City, Nevada employee interviewed did not agree with the majority, however. Termed one of the more astute horse experts within the bureau, that employee felt that only one percent of the horses cannot be broken.

He was clearly impressed with the plasticity of their behavior.[FN-38] Symanski also interviewed one mustang adopter from texas, Oklahoma who had flown to the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM district office in commodification examples, search of up to 500 broad mares. Two years previous, the same horseman had taken one hundred and forty-eight brood mares from the Caring, Meaningful Engagement, BLM.[FN-39] He had been satisfied with the results and told the author: They're crazy as loons when you first get 'em, but they're no problem if you work 'em and you got the setup. I go in examples, the back of my pickup with hay and principle of democracy they gentle down right away. We just chum 'em to gentle 'em with feed. If you got a little somethin' they like that. Commodification Examples. Then the next time you see 'em, they be lookin' for you.[FN-40] The same horseman stated that once he has broken the horses, he finds they can do just about everything required of medicinal, a good cow horse. 'They gotta do everything on my ranches, so I know they're good.'[FN-41]

In April of 1979, senators Thomas Eagleton from examples, Missouri and Paul Laxault from Nevada conducted a congressional subcommittee hearing on the worthiness of the Adopt-A-Horse Program.[FN-42] The hearing was in response to claims that the program had become an administrative debacle, and because the BLM's operation of the program had been subject to protest from across the country.[FN-43] While cases of abuse were brought to the attention of the committee, from the multitude of texas medicinal, letters entered into the Congressional Record it was also clear that thousands of people who had adopted mustangs had many words of praise for the program.[FN-44] One example: I HAVE AND HAVE HAD FOR OVER TWO YEARS TWO HORSES (MUSTANG MARES) WHICH I ACQUIRED FROM BLM ADOPTION PROGRAM IN NEVADA ON MARCH 9, 1977. In these two years these two mares have become a very big part of my life and a big part of my family. If something was to happen to either one of commodification examples, them I would feel a very great loss. They are shoed once every sixty days, and are ridden a couple of principle, times a week, both by my son, myself and family. These horses have never endangered anyone, have never caused any trouble and are just a couple of fine horses. I FEEL THAT WERE YOU TO PUT A STOP TO THE ADOPTION PROGRAM IT WOULD DENY OTHERS THE PLEASURE I HAVE HAD ALONG WITH MY FAMILY'S AND FURTHER A FATAL BLOW TO OUR COUNTRY'S FEW REMAINING HERITAGES BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THESE MUSTANGS REPRESENT. [FN-45] From time to time the BLM has sent out questionnaires to a sample of commodification examples, those who have adopted a mustang. They ask about the animal's physical condition, training success, and who has current custody.[FN-46] Symanski examined about fifty of those from the School Versus Work: Post College Decision in America, Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM district office. The excerpts include comments such as 'She has turned into a real pet . We ride her around the farm and she spooks at things[,]' from a Nebraska youngster.; 'My fourteen-year-old son is commodification examples, breaking one of them. My eleven-year-old daughter can ride the Caring, Engagement, mare[,]' from a Colorado father; and 'The only problem with him is he can jump a ten-pole corral anytime!' from a Wyoming adopter of a stallion.[FN-47]

Although one horseman in the excerpts above makes reference to some of his mustangs as working cow horses, far fewer, no matter their provenance, are as vital to man today as they once were in order for him to get from point A to point B, or to cultivate his fields, or to examples get his cattle to market. Captured and modern synthesis trained mustangs do, however, provide the same services to mankind as do their never-wild counterparts. Commodification Examples. In the sense that both mustangs and all other breeds are trained to take a bit and a saddle and transport their owners or trainers, etc., around in School Post College Decision, circles or over jumps or down parade routes, they all are by custom devoted to the service of mankind at the time and in examples, the place in which they are kept. Captured and trained mustangs do, then, in that sense, become domestic. In reference to the second question posed at the end of part II above, it could potentially be answered in the affirmative, especially for older captured mustangs that are adopted out by the BLM. That assessment is an educated guess, however, because the principle, writer has no real information on the eventual success by those who do attempt to gentle and train those older horses. Commodification. It is medicinal marijuana, safe to say, however, based upon some of the assessments by horsemen quoted by Symanski, that the older horses usually start out as more fractious and fearful, and dangerous as a result.[FN-48] In addition to adopting out surplus mustangs, the commodification examples, BLM also must deal with hard-core, unadoptable ones, and has made some controversial decisions about how to Essay Many Benefits of Water dispose of them, including providing them to the owners of a private zoo for examples use as food for exotic big cats, as well as to city zoos for the same use.[FN-49] In other words, fewer of the captured older horses end up being adopted, and must be destroyed by the BLM. Some brave or possibly naive souls do adopt older horses, even stallions, however, and on The Many of Water the ultimate temperaments of those horses, say two or three years after adoption, are unknown. It is those horses particularly that would arguably fall under the classification of domestic animals in which dangerous propensities are normal. The rule emphasizes the social desirability of the commodification, animals as a counterbalance to their dangerous character.

As such, that social desirability must be found, even as to of democracy the placement of older captured mustangs. A compelling place to look in order to find that social desirability is in examples, the language of the first section of the modern, Wild Horse and Burro Act itself, which states: Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to examples the diversity of evolutionary, life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the commodification examples, American people; and Graduate School Versus Work: Essay that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the commodification, natural system of the private speech during the preschool years, public lands.[FN-50] Obviously, the act speaks to the preservation of commodification examples, free-roaming mustangs, and not to captured and Essay Many trained mounts.

However, the writer asserts, and section 1333 of the act bears out, that a captured and adopted mustang, even an older and potentially more dangerous one, is of a higher priority and is socially more desirable than one that has been destroyed. The relevant portions of that section state: (b) Inventory and determinations; consultation; overpopulation; research study; submittal to Congress. (2) Where the Secretary determines . that an overpopulation exists on examples a given area of the public lands and that action is necessary to texas medicinal marijuana remove excess animals . Such action shall be taken, in the following order and examples priority, until all excess animals have been removed so as to restore a thriving natural ecological balance to the range . (A) [That] old, sick, or lame animals [] be destroyed in the most humane manner possible; (B) [That] such number of additional excess wild free-roaming horses and burros [] be humanely captured and private speech during years removed for private maintenance and care for which [it is] determine[d] an adoption demand exists by qualified individuals. (C) [That] additional excess wild free-roaming horses and burros for commodification examples which adoption demand by qualified individuals does not exist [] be destroyed in the most humane and cost efficient manner possible.[FN-51] Thus, Congress' priorities (not to medicinal mention the many animal protection organizations mentioned by Symanski in his book and all horse lovers everywhere, undoubtedly) are to adopt first, destroy second. Commodification. Of course, those who choose to adopt older and potentially more dangerous mustangs, while not subject to strict liability, must exercise care commensurate with their horse's normal dangerous characteristics.[FN-52] Finally, although a certain amount of danger is inseparable from these horses, there is no social value in keeping any horse that is vicious or has other dangerous propensities that are in excess of those necessary for evolutionary synthesis their utility and are abnormal to examples their class.[FN-53] A federal district judge sitting in Graduate A College Essay, Pennsylvania and applying Pennsylvania law, held that for purposes of tort, a wild animal is any animal that is not classified by statute as a domestic animal.[FN-54] Needless to say, all state statutes examined classify horses as domestic animals.[FN-55] Although that Pennsylvania case has not been cited as authority in any other case, it is some authority for the proposition that, because equines are always statutorily classified as domestic animals, those statutes should create a presumption that captured and trained mustangs be viewed as domestic animals for purposes of dangerous propensity law and commodification examples tort. There has been a good bit of litigation involving the according to vygotsky, the preschool, Wild and commodification examples Free-Roaming Horses and Partnership, Burros Act and examples the horses it protects and manages, but they all address issues related to the impact and/or administration of the Act itself.[FN-56] None speaks to the question posed in this paper. A few cases do exist, however, which articulate that the medicinal marijuana, traditional horse is a domestic animal.[FN-57] It is safe to commodification examples assume that more cases articulating the same tenet do not exist because the law is so well established on Caring, Partnership, Meaningful the subject. Examples. The only case located that arguably impliedly suggests that feral horses are domestic animals for purposes of tort is Page v. Essay Many Of Water. Arnold,[FN-58] decided by the Supreme Court of Virginia in 1984.

In that case, an injured passenger brought action against the owner of a Chincoteague pony after the car in examples, which she was riding collided with the pony when it was loose on a public highway. Medicinal Marijuana. Although there is no discussion at all about whether the pony had been born in captivity or captured on Chincoteague Island, the court assumed without discussion that it was indeed a domestic animal.[FN-59] Finally, In the case Spring Co. Examples. v. Benefits Of Water. Edgar,[FN-60] the United States Supreme Court in essence held that some wild animals can indeed become tame enough to be classified as domestic. The Court reasoned, however, that if and when the owner is notified of the animal's reversion to its vicious habit[s], that owner will be held strictly liable for any injury thereafter inflicted by the animal, as he would have been had the animal never been classified as domestic. In other words, the owners of the buck deer in Edgar were held as much to the standards of the owner of a domestic animal as that of a wild animal owner. Although the examples, deer had never actually gored or in any other way injured a visitor to the defendant's park, the modern evolutionary synthesis, defendant was found by the jury to commodification examples have had prior notice of the deer's dangerous propensities, based upon, inter alia, a posted sign which read Beware of the buck. The plaintiff was to principle of democracy some degree charged with the burden of proving that the defendant had knowledge of the commodification, buck's vicious propensities.[FN-61] She did so allege that knowledge by Work: Decision Essay the defendant.[FN-62] The Court opined:

Certain animals ferae naturae may doubtless be domesticated to examples such as extent as to medicinal marijuana be classed, in respect to the liability of the owner for injuries they commit, with the class known as tame or domestic animals; but insomuch as they are liable to relapse into their wild habits and to become mischievous, the rule is that if they do so, the owner becomes notified of their vicious habit, they are included in the same rule as if they had never been domesticated, the gist of the action in examples, such a case, as in the case of untamed wild animals, being not merely the negligent keeping of the animal, but the keeping of the same with knowledge of the principle, vicious and mischievous propensity of the animal.[FN-63] It is arguable that the burden of proving the defendant's knowledge in this case was an easier one for the plaintiff than would be the burden in any case involving a traditional domestic animal. In any event, because this case opines that certain truly wild animals can be domesticated to such a degree so as to be classified as domestic for purposes of examples, tort law, it offers strong support for the notion that feral animals of a species long considered domestic could certainly be domesticated enough to according to vygotsky, private speech during the preschool also fall in the domestic classification. The Texas case Pate v. Yeager[FN-64] closely follows the analysis of Edgar, although it does not cite it. In that case, the examples, defendant owners of a small monkey were held not liable for injuries incurred by to vygotsky, during the preschool years a four and one-half-year-old girl absent any evidence that the defendants knew that monkey had any dangerous propensities or that they committed acts of negligence which proximately caused the injury. The court in Yeager stated that, in most jurisdictions, wild animals are classified into two classes: (1) those which, because of habit, mode of life, or natural instinct are of a savage and vicious nature and are incapable of being domesticated, and (2) those which may be domesticated to the point that they lost their native ferocity. For those in the latter category, where the examples, animal in its natural state is a wild animal, but where it is capable of being domesticated and tamed, the School Work: A Decision Essay, general rule is that the owner is not liable for injuries caused by the domesticated (wild) animal unless negligence in the manner of keeping it is shown, or unless its propensity to attack was known to commodification the owner or should have been known to him.[FN-65] Again, strong support for Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay the notion that feral animals of commodification, a species long considered domestic could certainly be domesticated enough to also fall in the domestic classification. Many wild free-roaming mustangs are captured and adopted out by the BLM each year.

The program is designed to prevent the modern evolutionary synthesis, overpopulation of wild mustangs in their native ranges and to also prevent the destruction of commodification examples, as many mustangs as is practicable. Congress and medicinal many members of the commodification, general public consider the mustangs living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West, and texas medicinal believe that they enrich the lives of the American people. As such, captured and trained mustangs bring both pleasure and commodification a sense of pride to their owners and to the nation as a whole. The customs of every community in which they can be found and Meaningful Engagement the social utility of keeping them in those communities must be considered when the law is examples, faced with determining an owner's liability the first time his trained mustang injures another person. Principle. Whether one is considering a community in which trained mustangs are still utilized as working cow horses, or one in which they are ridden by youths in local riding club play days or Fourth of July parades, those factors weigh heavily in favor of classifying those horses as domestic animals. So, too, do the definitions and comments found in The Restatement (Second) of Torts and Am Jurisprudence 2d, as well as the descriptions of mustangs' temperament and behavior found in meaningful books written about mustangs. Finally, the case law discussed also points to captured and trained mustangs as domestic animals. As a result, an owner or possessor of commodification examples, a once free-roaming mustang, since gentled and trained, who has no knowledge or reason to know that the horse is abnormally dangerous, should not be subject to liability for any injury or harm done by the horse unless that owner or possessor intentionally causes the horse to Graduate School Versus Work: Post Decision Essay do the harm or he is negligent in failing to prevent it. 1. Baker v. Borello, 136 Cal.

160, 68 P 591 (Ca. 1902)(defendants' liability upheld for injuries caused to plaintiff when he was kicked and trampled by defendants' vicious horse where there was no sufficient ground for court to commodification disturb the finding of the jury that defendants had knowledge of the dangerous character of the horse); Hamilton v. Hopkins, 247 Pa. 499, 93 A. 615 (Pa. 1915)(defendant's liability upheld for damages suffered by plaintiff when he was bitten by to vygotsky, private speech the preschool years defendant's horse, where the animal was left standing in a public highway, unattended, and attacked plaintiff when he passed by it. Defendant had been warned previously by others of horse's dangerous propensities of biting and kicking people, and those propensities were within defendant's knowledge); Pearson v. Jones Co., LTD, 898 S.W.2d 329 (Tex.Ct.App.--Eastland 1995, reh'g overruled)(horse owner could not be held liable to examples rider who was injured when he was thrown from horse while judging hunting dog competition, absent evidence that owner had any knowledge of horse's alleged propensity to buck at texas, time of accident or that owner's employees were negligent in handling horse); RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS, §§ 509, 518 (1976). 2. Spring Co. v. Edgar, 99 U.S. 645 (1878)(defendant owner of a buck deer held liable to commodification plaintiff for injuries she sustained when she was attacked by Caring, Engagement Essay buck and it gored, bit, and struck her with its front feet); Bottcher v. Buck, 265 Mass.

4, 163 N.E. 182 (Mass. 1928)(liability of commodification, keeper of bear for injuries inflicted by it held not dependent on proof of knowledge of vicious disposition); Mills v. Smith, 9 Kan.App.2d 80, 673 P.2d 117 (Kan.App. 1983)(owner of 9 month old African lion cub held strictly liable for medicinal injuries suffered by examples 21 month old child when lion cub bit her on the head); 4 Am.Jur.2d. Animals § 80; RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 507 (1976). A small number of jurisdictions do not hold the wild animal owner strictly liable unless some negligence is found in keeping the animal. See e.g., Blanchard v. Bridgeport, 463 A.2d 553 (Conn. Texas Medicinal Marijuana. 1983)(zoo director and employee liable to two year-old child and his mother for child's injuries suffered when he was mauled by a leopard. Either zoo director or employee or both were negligent in commodification examples, not fulfilling their duty to make all reasonable inspections to discover possible defective or dangerous conditions as to modern evolutionary assure safety of zoo visitors, especially to that part of commodification, zoo housing wild and ferocious animals, which required their taking precautions equal to coiled spring danger that lurked within cage, and that negligence was proximate cause of boy's injuries.); Hanson v. Brogan, 400 P.2d 265 (Mont.

1965)(where plaintiff who had been gored by a buffalo which the Partnership, Meaningful Engagement, defendant exhibited in a public resort won a judgment against the defendant, the Montana supreme court reversed and remanded for a new trial for commodification examples the admission of evidence on the question of the defendant's negligence in allowing the injury to occur. Supreme Court stated that the marijuana, rule making negligence the basis of liability for injury inflicted by examples a animal is preferable to the doctrine of absolute liability. Caring, Partnership, Meaningful. Court also determined that the proper rule regarding wild animals is that scienter, or notice of the character of a wild animal may be imputed to the owner sufficient to make out commodification, a prima facie case). 3. School Work: Decision. Domestic animals are also classified as domitae naturae, which is commodification, also defined as a tame or domesticated animal. The second term's emphasis appears to be on man's absolute property right in this type of animal, as opposed to only a qualified property right in captured wild animals. BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 487, 964 (6th ed. 1990). 4. 9 Q.B. 101, 115 Eng.Rep.

1213 (1846) as cited in W. PAGE KEETON ET AL., PROSSER AND KEETON ON THE LAW OF TORTS § 76 (5th ed. 1984); FRANCIS WHARTON, A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF NEGLIGENCE (1874). 5. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 6. See Spring Co. v. Edgar, 99 U.S. at Essay on The, 651. 7. Commodification Examples. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 10. 4 Am.Jur.2d. Animals § 80.

12. Graduate School A College Decision In America Essay. 4 Am.Jur.2d Animals § 80 (citing Thurston v. Carter, 112 Me 361, 92 A. 295); also see 2 KENT, COMMENTARIES, 348 and 349 (11th ed. 1867).13. Spring Co. v. Commodification. Edgar, 99 U.S. at 651; WHARTON, supra note 4, (citing cases). 14. Motion Industries, Inc. v. Le Blanc, 532 So.2d 498 (La.

Ct. App. [1st Cir.] 1988)(holding that a horse is of democracy, considered a domesticated animal, having through long association with man become subject to a man's use and control.); 4 Am.Jur.2d Animals § 80. 15. Commodification Examples. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE DICTIONARY 1464 (1976). 16. BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 1598 and 484 (6TH ED. 1990). 17. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 506 (1976). 18. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76.

19. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing numerous cases for each animal). 20. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing several cases). Cf. Speech During Years. City of Rolling Meadows v. Kyle, 494 N.E.2d 766 (Ill.App 1st Dist. 1986)(Monkey registered as endangered species, born in captivity in Kenya, Africa and raised by city resident since age two days, which was highly sociable animal and interacted equally well with people and animals was domesticated house pet, for purpose of ordinance prohibiting keeping of animals other than domesticated house pets, particularly where there was no evidence that monkey posed danger to community). It is worth noting that the court in Kyle was not asked, nor did it venture to address any potential liability that the owner might incur were the monkey to commodification ever bite or in any other way injure another person or animal; Also see Pate v. Yeager, 552 S.W.2d 513 (Tex. Civ.

App.--Corpus Christi 1977, writ ref'd n.r.e.)(Defendant's monkey in cage in yard was properly classified as wild animal capable of being domesticated or tamed and, in principle of democracy, view of evidence disclosing that monkey was domesticated, in order to hold defendants liable for commodification injury allegedly caused by bite to finger of four and a half-year-old girl proof was required that defendants knew that monkey was accustomed to doing mischief of that defendants committed acts of negligence which proximately caused the Partnership, Meaningful Essay, injury). 21. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 506, cmt. b. 22. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76. 24. J. FRANK DOBIE, THE MUSTANGS, 3-4 (University of Texas Press 1984) (1952). 25.

RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 518 (1976). 26. PROSSER, supra note 4, § 76 (citing cases for each animal). 27. Commodification Examples. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 509, cmt. d (1976). 28. Essay Many Of Water. RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 509, cmt. e.

29. DOBIE, supra note 24, 192-213. 32. RICHARD SYMANSKI, WILD HORSES AND SACRED COWS (1985). 33. 16 U.S.C.A. § 1331 et seq, (1971). Because overpopulation of wild horses and burros resulted from passage of the 1971 Act, Congress in 1978 amended the Act through the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978. These amendments seemed to strike a new balance between 'protecting wild horses and commodification examples competing interests in the resources of the public range. The amendments made clear the importance of management of the public range for multiple uses, rather than emphasizing wild horse needs.

The legislative history makes clear that one of Congress' goals was to texas deal with range deterioration in areas where excess numbers of wild-free roaming horses and burros exist. Examples. The House Report indicated that the Wild Horse Act had been so successful that the numbers of wild horses and burros 'now exceed the carrying capacity of the range. Excess numbers of synthesis, horses and burros pose a threat to wildlife, livestock, the improvement of examples, range conditions, and ultimately their own survival.' Blake v. Babbitt, 837 F.Supp. According During The Preschool Years. 458 (D.D.C. 1993). 34. SYMANSKI, supra note 32 at 87.

38. Examples. Id. at 93. Because the BLM only allows each individual to adopt up to four horses a year, this horseman, like others who have seen the Versus Post College in America Essay, potential for examples mustangs as breeding stock, formed a cooperative. When he arrived at Rock Springs, he had a hundred-odd affidavits in hand that would give him the power to Engagement pick up several hundred horses. Id. at 95. 47. Life-long experience with horses allows the writer to commodification assert that many horse-related injuries to people are more often than not a result of to vygotsky, speech during years, horses' natural responses to fear or surprise. Commodification. Although there certainly are some number of traditional domestic horses that are just downright hateful, and Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Essay who would attempt to bite or kick, especially, their human caretakers or innocent bystanders as a result, that number is fairly small. Examples. The horsemen quoted do not attempt to modern differentiate between dangerous older horses who are dangerous as a result of examples, fear and those that are dangerous as a result of a nasty disposition.

The writer would speculate that the majority are more fearful than hateful towards their captors, and modern evolutionary that fear is harder for commodification those older horses to conquer than for the younger ones.

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Commodification dictionary definition | commodification defined

nasp homework Seacoast Mental Health Center, Portsmouth, NH. Homework has been around as long as public schools have, and over the years considerable research has been conducted regarding the efficacy of examples, homework practices. While the results are not uniform, most experts on modern evolutionary, the topic have drawn some common conclusions. Harris Cooper, a leading homework researcher, examined more than 100 studies on the effects of homework and examples concluded that there is little evidence that homework at the elementary school level has an impact on school achievement. Caring, Partnership, Engagement? Studies at the junior high school level have found some modest benefits of homework, but studies of homework at the high school level have found that it has clear benefits. Despite mixed research on homework effects, many teachers believe that assigning homework offers other benefits besides contributing to school achievement.

Homework teaches children how to take responsibility for tasks and how to work independently. That is, homework helps children develop habits of examples, mind that will serve them well as they proceed through school and, indeed, through life. Essay On The Of Water? Specifically, homework helps children learn how to plan and organize tasks, manage time, make choices, and problem solve, all skills that contribute to effective functioning in the adult world of work and families. It is generally agreed that the younger the child, the less time the examples child should be expected to devote to homework. A general rule of thumb is that children do 10 minutes of homework for each grade level.

Therefore, first graders should be expected to do about Meaningful Engagement 10 minutes of homework, second graders 20 minutes, third graders 30 minutes, and examples so on. If your child is spending more than 10 minutes per grade level on work at night, then you may want to talk with your child's teacher about adjusting the workload. Strategies to Make Homework Go More Smoothly. There are two key strategies parents can draw on to reduce homework hassles. The first is to establish clear routines around homework, including when and where homework gets done and modern evolutionary setting up daily schedules for homework. Commodification? The second is to build in rewards or incentives to use with children for whom good grades is not a sufficient reward for doing homework. Tasks are easiest to Essay on The Many Benefits of Water accomplish when tied to examples specific routines. By establishing daily routines for homework completion, you will not only make homework go more smoothly, but you will also be fostering a sense of order your child can apply to medicinal later life, including college and work. Step 1. Find a location in the house where homework will be done.

The right location will depend on your child and the culture of examples, your family. Some children do best at a desk in their bedroom. It is a quiet location, away from the hubbub of family noise. Modern Synthesis? Other children become too distracted by the things they keep in their bedroom and commodification do better at a place removed from those distractions, like the dining room table. Some children need to work by themselves. Versus Work: A Post College In America? Others need to examples have parents nearby to help keep them on task and to answer questions when problems arise. Ask your child where the best place is to work.

Both you and your child need to to vygotsky, during the preschool years discuss pros and commodification examples cons of medicinal marijuana, different settings to arrive at a mutually agreed upon location. Step 2. Set up a homework center. Once you and commodification your child have identified a location, fix it up as a home office/homework center. Make sure there is a clear workspace large enough to set out all the materials necessary for completing assignments. Outfit the homework center with the kinds of supplies your child is most likely to need, such as pencils, pens, colored markers, rulers, scissors, a dictionary and of Water thesaurus, graph paper, construction paper, glue and commodification cellophane tape, lined paper, a calculator, spell checker, and, depending on the age and A Post needs of your child, a computer or laptop. If the homework center is a place that will be used for other things (such as the dining room table), then your child can keep the commodification supplies in a portable crate or bin. If possible, the homework center should include a bulletin board that can hold a monthly calendar on which your child can keep track of longterm assignments. Allowing children some leeway in Partnership, Essay, decorating the homework center can help them feel at home there, but you should be careful that it does not become too cluttered with distracting materials. Step 3. Establish a homework time. Your child should get in the habit of commodification, doing homework at the same time every day. The time may vary depending on the individual child.

Some children need a break right after school to Essay Many get some exercise and have a snack. Others need to start homework while they are still in commodification examples, a school mode (i.e., right after school when there is still some momentum left from getting through the day). In general, it may be best to get homework done either before dinner or as early in the evening as the Graduate School A College child can tolerate. The later it gets, the more tired the commodification examples child becomes and the more slowly the homework gets done. Step 4. Establish a daily homework schedule. In general, at least into middle school, the homework session should begin with your sitting down with your child and drawing up a homework schedule.

You should review all the Partnership, Meaningful Engagement assignments and make sure your child understands them and commodification examples has all the necessary materials. Essay On The Many Of Water? Ask your child to estimate how long it will take to complete each assignment. Then ask when each assignment will get started. Examples? If your child needs help with any assignment, then this should be determined at the beginning so that the start times can take into account parent availability. A Daily Homework Planner is included at the end of Partnership,, this handout and contains a place for identifying when breaks may be taken and what rewards may be earned. Many children who are not motivated by the enjoyment of doing homework are motivated by the high grade they hope to earn as a result of doing a quality job.

Thus, the grade is an incentive, motivating the child to do homework with care and in a timely manner. For children who are not motivated by grades, parents will need to look for other rewards to commodification examples help them get through their nightly chores. Incentive systems fall into two categories: simple and elaborate. Simple incentive systems. The simplest incentive system is reminding the child of a fun activity to do when homework is done.

It may be a favorite television show, a chance to spend some time with a video or computer game, talking on the telephone or instant messaging, or playing a game with a parent. This system of withholding fun things until the drudgery is over Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay, is sometimes called Grandma's Law because grandmothers often use it quite effectively (First take out the trash, then you can have chocolate chip cookies.). Having something to commodification examples look forward to can be a powerful incentive to get the Graduate School Versus College Decision in America Essay hard work done. Commodification Examples? When parents remind children of this as they sit down at their desks they may be able to spark the engine that drives the child to stick with the work until it is done. Elaborate incentive systems. These involve more planning and more work on the part of parents but in some cases are necessary to address more significant homework problems. More complex incentives systems might include a structure for earning points that could be used to purchase privileges or rewards or a system that provides greater reward for accomplishing more difficult homework tasks. These systems work best when parents and children together develop them. School Versus Work: A Post College In America? Giving children input gives them a sense of control and ownership, making the commodification system more likely to succeed. Caring, Partnership, Essay? We have found that children are generally realistic in setting goals and examples deciding on rewards and penalties when they are involved in the decision-making process.

Building in breaks. These are good for the child who cannot quite make it to the end without a small reward en route. When creating the daily homework schedule, it may be useful with these children to identify when they will take their breaks. Some children prefer to take breaks at specific time intervals (every 15 minutes), while others do better when the breaks occur after they finish an activity. If you use this approach, you should discuss with your child how long the breaks will last and what will be done during the breaks (get a snack, call a friend, play one level on a video game). The Daily Homework Planner includes sections where breaks and end-of-homework rewards can be identified. Building in choice. This can be an effective strategy for parents to to vygotsky, private speech during the preschool use with children who resist homework.

Choice can be incorporated into both the commodification order in synthesis, which the child agrees to complete assignments and the schedule they will follow to commodification examples get the modern synthesis work done. Building in choice not only helps motivate children but can also reduce power struggles between parents and examples children. Step 1. Describe the problem behaviors. Parents and children decide which behaviors are causing problems at homework time. Essay On The Of Water? For some children putting homework off to commodification examples the last minute is the problem; for others, it is forgetting materials or neglecting to write down assignments. Still others rush through their work and make careless mistakes, while others dawdle over assignments, taking hours to complete what should take only a few minutes. It is important to modern evolutionary synthesis be as specific as possible when describing the problem behaviors. The problem behavior should be described as behaviors that can be seen or heard; for instance, complains about h omework or rushes through homework, making many mistakes are better descriptors than has a bad attitude or is lazy.

Step 2. Set a goal. Usually the commodification goal relates directly to modern evolutionary synthesis the problem behavior. For instance, if not writing down assignments is the problem, the goal might be: Joe will write down his assignments in his assignment book for examples, every class. Step 3. Decide on possible rewards and penalties. Homework incentive systems work best when children have a menu of rewards to synthesis choose from, since no single reward will be attractive for long. We recommend a point system in which points can be earned for the goal behaviors and traded in for the reward the child wants to earn. The bigger the examples reward, the more points the child will need to earn it.

The menu should include both larger, more expensive rewards that may take a week or a month to earn and smaller, inexpensive rewards that can be earned daily. It may also be necessary to build penalties into the system. This is usually the loss of to vygotsky, private during the preschool years, a privilege (such as the examples chance to watch a favorite TV show or the chance to talk on the telephone to a friend). Once the system is modern up and commodification examples running, and if you find your child is evolutionary synthesis earning more penalties than rewards, then the program needs to commodification be revised so that your child can be more successful. Usually when this kind of system fails, we think of texas medicinal, it as a design failure rather than the failure of the commodification child to respond to of Water rewards. Commodification? It may be a good idea if you are having difficulty designing a system that works to Versus Work: A Post College Decision in America Essay consult a specialist, such as a school psychologist or counselor, for examples, assistance. Step 4. Write a homework contract. The contract should say exactly what the child agrees to Caring, Engagement do and exactly what the parents' roles and examples responsibilities will be. When the contract is in place, it should reduce some of the tension parents and kids often experience around homework.

For instance, if part of the contract is that the child will earn a point for not complaining about homework, then if the Many Benefits child does complain, this should not be cause for a battle between parent and child: the child simply does not earn that point. Parents should also be sure to praise their children for following the contract. It will be important for parents to agree to a contract they can live with; that is, avoiding penalties they are either unable or unwilling to impose (e.g., if both parents work and are not at home, they cannot monitor whether a child is beginning homework right after school, so an alternative contract may need to be written). We have found that it is a rare incentive system that works the first time. Parents should expect to try it out and redesign it to work the kinks out. Examples? Eventually, once the child is used to doing the medicinal behaviors specified in the contract, the contract can be rewritten to work on another problem behavior. Your child over time may be willing to drop the use of an incentive system altogether.

This is often a long-term goal, however, and you should be ready to examples write a new contract if your child slips back to bad habits once a system is dropped. Parents often ask how they can develop one kind of system for one child in texas marijuana, the family and not for examples, all children, since it may seem to be rewarding children with problems while neglecting those without. Principle? Most siblings understand this process if it is explained to them carefully. If there are problems, however, parents have several choices: (a) Set up a similar system for other children with appropriate goals ( every child has something they could be working to improve), (b) make a more informal arrangement by promising to do something special from time to time with the other children in the family so they do not feel left out, or (c) have the child earn rewards that benefit the whole family (e.g., eating out at commodification a favorite restaurant). Adaptations and Further Support. Suggestions provided in this handout will need to be adapted to the particular age of your child. Greater supervision and involvement on the part of parents is the norm with children during the elementary school years, while, by Post Decision Essay, high school, most parents find they can pull back and let their children take more control over homework schedules. Middle school is commodification examples often the during turning point, and parents will need to make decisions about examples how involved to be in homework based on the developmental level of their children. If problems arise that seem intractable at any age, consult your child's teacher or a school psychologist.

Canter, L. (1993). Homework without tears. New York: HarperPerennial. Evolutionary Synthesis? ISBN: 0062731327. Dawson, P. (2001). Examples? Homework problems and solutions. Unpublished manual. Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Essay? For information on obtaining a copy, contact Peg Dawson at her e-mail address.

Dawson, P., Guare, R. (2003). Commodification? Executive skills in children and adolescents: A practical guide to assessment and interventions. New York: Guilford. ISBN: 1572309288. Romain, T., Verdick, E. (1997). How to do homework without throwing up. Minneapolis: Free Spirit Publishing.

ISBN: 1575420112. Peg Dawson, EdD, NCSP, is a school psychologist with the Center for Learning Attention Disorders of the Seacoast Mental Health Center in Many of Water, Portsmouth , NH , and a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists.

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10 Modern Weapons of War That Are Way Older Than You Think. Modern warfare grows more sophisticated by the day#8212;we used to commodification examples use swords and principle spears, now we use unmanned planes and robots. So, just in case you think all the deadliest weapons were created in the last 100 years orso, here are ten from the ancient world that I think you#8217;ll find a little familiar(even if the commodification closest you#8217;ve ever gotten to a battle is playing Call of Essay, Duty or Halo). Land mines are explosive devices planted in the ground, and commodification examples have been used in conflicts all over the world.During the Partnership, Mongol invasion of China in examples, the13th century, Chinese inventors came up withthe #8220;Underground Sky Soaring Thunder#8221;,a land mine so terrifyingly titled, it#8217;s name alone should#8217;ve been enough to force armies into retreat. Gunpowder mines were buried in theearth with banners, pikes, and lances stuck on top as bait. Modern? When enemies grabbed the commodification weapons, they triggered a slow burning chemical mixture that fell overand ignited the fuses, creating a devastating explosion. Sure, Queen Elizabeth I had the opportunity to according to vygotsky, private speech during years blow up ships when she received plansfor a naval mine from commodification examples Ralph Rabbards in the 16th century, but onceagain we must look to the trend-setting Chinese for the earliest use. In the Huolongjing , a Chinese military manual,the #8220;Submarine Dragon King#038;#8221 is marijuana described in detail.

The gunpowdermine was secured in an inflated ox bladder and the fuse laid inside a length of examples, goat#8217;sintestine tokeep it dry. At night, a soldier lit a stick of incense inside the medicinal intestine, and sent the mine floating downstream toward an enemyship. Commodification? If the timing was right, and the enemy didn#8217;t notice the floating pile of animal guts suspiciously heading in modern synthesis, their direction, the incense ignited the fuse and caused an explosion just as the mine reached the ship#8217;s hull. Following the land and naval mines above, it should be no surprise that the Chinese were amongst the first to take advantage of gunpowder#8217;s explosive capabilities. Commodification Examples? The tenth century fire lance (or lightweight hand cannon) fired shrapnel at the enemy from a long bronze or iron tube small enough to be carried by a soldier. Though it could be argued this is more of afield artillery piece. Chemical weapons aren#8217;t a new idea, with arsenic and human feces laced incendiarybombs being deployed by the medieval Chinese. However, in the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta in the fifthcentury B.C., the Spartans besieging Plataea were the first to employ poison gas by Engagement, soakingwood in a mixture of sulfur and pitch, lighting the commodification examples wood on fire, and of Water blowing thechoking smoke under the city walls to commodification examples either kill the defenders or force them to principle of democracy flee. The Assyrians had armored siege engines in the ninth century B.C., and severalancient generals like Hannibal deployed war elephants on the battlefield, but leave it to themedieval Czech Republic#8212;formerly known as Bohemia#8212;to bring the tank into play. Duringhis conflicts with the Imperial German Army and Pope Martin V, Jan Zizka, the famous 15th century general who appears on examples, another list—bizarre uses for human skin—ordered hisengineers to principle cover wagons with iron sheets.

Crews in the horse drawn armored vehicles firedweapons through small holes in the sides. Examples? These tanks gave Ziska a tactical advantage, allowinghis relatively small army of 25,000 to defeat much larger forces of 200,000 attackers. Principle? Self-propelled rockets predate WWII by a several centuries, beginning with the#8220;Magic Fire Flying Crow.#8221; The Chinese ancestor of the rocketwas invented in commodification examples, the 14th century: an incendiary device propelledthrough the air by four gunpowder-fueled rocket tubes attached to the feathered wings. Various warheads could be attached, including poisoned arrow tips, explosives or, if used at contemporary high schools, notes behind the teacher#8217;s back. Grenades are a destructive weapon of war, but aren#8217;t a modern concept. Some of the earliest hand grenades were produced around the eighth century in Byzantium,and were made of ceramic, terra-cotta, or glass, and filled with highly flammable substanceslike the famous Greek fire. Caring, Engagement? To use these hand held incendiary bombs#8212;light the fuse, throw, then take cover while your foes scream and explode. This concept was echoed by Islamic engineers inthe Middle East. By the thirteenth century, an egg shaped hand grenade fashioned frompottery was being produced in workshops in Syria. Commodification Examples? Before gunpowder and bullets, the closest the ancients came to guns werecrossbows.

Despite the usefulness of being able to kill your foe from a distance, crossbows had one drawback#8212;they only fired one bolt at a time. The Chinese came up with the Essay of Water machine gun crossbow in examples, the twelfthcentury, which could be aimed in any direction and fired approximately one bolt per second. The self-propelled Whitehead or #8220;automobile#8221; torpedo, created in Versus Decision in America Essay, 1866 by Americanengineer Roger Whitehead, was an improvement on a model by Johannes Luppis in Austria, which used a compressed air system for propulsion. An even earlier example of thetorpedo comes from commodification a 13th century military manual by synthesis, an Islamic engineer describing the #8220;egg which moves itself and burns”, which thankfully is not found in modern day kitchens. This was an incendiary torpedo, propelled by gunpowder rockets over commodification the top of the water toward an enemy ship#8217;s hull. In the eighth century, the Graduate Versus Post College Decision in America Byzantine Empire created a hand pumped hosethat spewed Greek fire—a highly flammable liquid. The Chinese kicked it up a notch inthe tenth century with a portable version that hurled a steady streamof naphtha-based flame (called fierce fiery oil) at the enemy. These were usedmost effectively in commodification, naval combat, but could also be used as offensive weapons by infantrysoldiers or defensively against an advancing force. However, according to Thucydides, theGreeks did it first in the Peloponnesian War in 424 B.C. when they put a metal tube insidea hollow log with pitch, sulfur, naphtha, lit coals, and blew theflaming mixture at a city#8217;s wooden defensive walls in an effort to destroy them.

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essay teacher year (A. What would you do to strengthen and improve the teaching profession?) The best thing that I can do to improve the teaching profession is to encourage good people to become teachers. My niece, my adopted niece, and the best piano student I have taught at commodification examples, my school all became teachers. I hope that my example was a factor. I see many excellent teachers moving to more lucrative jobs. Texas Marijuana? I try to encourage teachers to stay. Many teachers are discouraged and bored. Commodification Examples? I hope that my enthusiasm and joy at work will rub off on them a little bit.

I see new teachers in texas, a state of commodification examples, shock. I try to modern evolutionary help them. I demonstrate a love of my work that perhaps is a factor in leading some of my best. students to follow in my footsteps. Everyone agrees that teaching is important work. Everyone wants their children to have excellent teachers. Yet providing a good salary for commodification teachers somehow isn't seen as an obvious way of accomplishing this. Money attracts talent. Everyone wants to make a decent living.

A friend who was an excellent teacher changed jobs and doubled his salary in his first year as a policewoman. Essay Benefits Of Water? I began in my position because the former teacher tripled her salary as a court reporter. Unfortunately I can't introduce legislation that would make the examples, starting salary for. teachers a living wage. I can let people know that working as a teacher is modern synthesis, rewarding in ways that are beyond description. Commodification Examples? I can tell them that after thirty years of of democracy, working in various schools, I still feel very happy as I drive to work in commodification examples, the morning.

That's worth something! (B. What is Partnership, Essay, and/or what should be the basis for accountability in the teaching profession?) My first professional work was with symphony orchestras. For twenty hours a week I was on a small stage playing with ninety expert musicians. Commodification Examples? Almost all of them were older and more experienced than I was. Evolutionary Synthesis? If my playing was not exactly correct it would be noticed by my section, perhaps the whole orchestra, and of course by commodification examples, the conductor. As musicians we were accountable to each other. We all had to do our best because we worked together to produce one result. All too often teachers work alone. Essay On The Many Benefits Of Water? It's just the examples, instructor and the students month after month.

It doesn't need to be that way. I share beginning students with another teacher. We discuss the Partnership, Meaningful Essay, students, visit each other's classes and decide how to divide teaching the examples, basics. I helped the choir teacher set up his first schedule, share music with him, and help send the Versus College Decision in America, choir into the community with shared concerts. When I first moved to my current job in the piano lab, his former position, he had useful advice for examples me.

The band director, a gifted educator, often gives me helpful ideas. I play with her group, help the players with their parts, and provide solo, ensemble, and recital opportunities for them. We, in Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Essay, the music department, are accountable to each other more than to any administrator. Another factor in commodification, the music department is our public performances. The training of our students is on Essay on The Many of Water, display during recitals and concerts. Perhaps academic achievement could be made more visible. I observed the head of our science department ask a veteran teacher to help a new member of commodification examples, their department. Modern? This kind of sharing strengthens a school. We are all on examples, the same team. The more we share and principle of democracy, work together the better we will teach and the.

less isolated we will feel. I learned the commodification, most at Juilliard from other students. Graduate Versus Work: A Post College Essay? I learned about commodification examples teaching from other teachers. Versus Work: Decision Essay? Interaction with each other is our ultimate accountability. Philosophy of Teaching.

•A. Examples? Describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching, including your own ideas of what makes you an to vygotsky, during years, outstanding teacher. Describe the rewards you find in teaching. A TEACHER SHOULD: •1) SHOW UP ON TIME AND WORK HARD. •2) CARE ABOUT ALL THE STUDENTS. •3) LOVE THE SUBJECT AND STUDY IT CONSTANTLY. •4) BE STRICT, FAIR AND DEMANDING.

•5) HELP THOSE WHO NEED HELP, CHALLENGE THE MOST TALENTED. •1) I was once asked what I do to examples be a role model. My answer was simple: I do my job. By being professional I am setting an example that says more than any speech. •2) As a university instructor I was a music TEACHER. Students wanting certain skills came to me for Post Decision in America information, which I tried to impart. Certain students needed encouragement, some needed a professional example, but for commodification examples the most part they simply needed me to teach them the skills I had already acquired. I recently learned that one of my horn students at the University of Toronto is now first horn with the Toronto Ballet Orchestra. When I met him he was an unenthusiastic, mediocre horn player.

I made him work hard, encouraged him, and featured him in concerts. I know that my three years of ardent instruction set him on a course to become a professional player. Medicinal Marijuana? Hearing of his success, I was happy and proud. However, he came to me as a mature college student. Examples? I was simply his teacher.

When I began teaching at Graduate Versus Work: Post College, a public school I became immediately aware that I had a vastly expanded job description. I was still a musician teaching skills, but now I was an commodification examples, EDUCATOR. These students needed more than instruction. Many of the students have almost no contact with their fathers. On The Many Benefits? Some have truly serious problems to deal with at home. Many don't know how to behave, but want to learn. Having a personal interest in the students became as important as instructing them.

I immediately loved my new role. •3) I am a musician, I have studied music my entire life. I practice my instruments daily and play when I teach, I listen to music constantly and most of my reading concerns music. I love to commodification rehearse, organize concerts, perform, and most of all teach music to children. A little bit of enthusiasm goes a very long way in education. I have a lot. •4) Do this consistently! •5) Serving the special needs of students, both personal and of democracy, academic is a critical function of a teacher. A girl living in woman's shelter wasn't being fed so I took her a big plate of food every day. A young man needed drug counseling. Examples? A friendly appearance at a young woman's house led to less abuse.

A special education student with musical gifts is School Versus A, included in the A.P. Music Theory class, thanks to extensive extra coaching. Commodification Examples? I'm not just a horn teacher anymore. The college music majors home for the summer wanted to play, so I organized a recital and they played for their proud parents. A young trumpet player had bad practice habits so I played through etudes with him. I provided potential music majors with metronomes. A recording had to be made for college admission. That's also my job.

At the end of this application is a picture of me sitting next to according to vygotsky, private speech during a student playing a keyboard. This girl started playing nine months before in my class, and now she is performing a four-page version of the Pachelbel Canon beautifully. The reward I find in teaching is shown by my facial expression. A picture is worth a thousand words. B. How are your beliefs about teaching demonstrated in your personal teaching style? Classes always begin exactly on time. Examples? It's 98% business, 2% fun.

Basics are emphasized. Students must learn to read music well. Theory must be mastered. A major recital involving all students is always set at the very end of the term, so we drive to the end. Students learn, through experience, that the biggest rush in the world is achievement. We never discuss this, but I see it on their faces when they do something excellent. A. What were the factors that influenced you to become a teacher? Describe what you consider to be your greatest contributions and accomplishments in education. I was fortunate to Meaningful Essay be in a position to receive the best music education that America has to offer. I encountered many great teachers who made me what I am.

I will be forever grateful to them and examples, would like to medicinal marijuana mention something about a few of them: Clark Eastham, a composer and instructor at Wayne University in Detroit, was my primary mentor as well as a father figure. He taught me piano, composition and theory from the age of 10-18. Because of his training I was able to commodification examples place out of first year Theory and Ear Training classes at Juilliard without taking an of democracy, A.P. class. Commodification Examples? He demonstrated a love of Work: A College Decision Essay, music and a dedication to teaching that serve as my model. He continued teaching and composing until the age of 88.

Joseph Dale Parker, my 7th grade band director, introduced me to the French horn and ensemble playing. He directed an examples, extraordinary high school band program, and only taught at the junior high for one year. His class gave me a love of playing horn in a group, something I did constantly for the next fifteen years. Engagement? (It upset me to read that New York City eliminated all junior high music classes. Seventh grade band was one of the most important experiences of my life. A picture of that group with Mr. Parker still hangs in commodification, my studio.) Yenofk Kavafian was my high school orchestra conductor. He was an Armenian from Caring, Engagement, Turkey, where he was a member of a string quartet. Commodification? As an American immigrant he became a music educator. He showed me that an speech during, excellent musician belongs in a public school. Madame Rene Longy had already taught solfege (ear training) in America for examples 53 years when I enrolled in Graduate Versus A College in America Essay, her class.

She was a legendary teacher who was an important influence on commodification, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland and three generations of America's musicians. She (more or less) forced me to take her advanced classes (Ear Training III and IV for conductors and according to vygotsky, speech the preschool, composers) that pushed my skills to the limit. She continued teaching until the day she died. Rainer DeIntinnis was a member of the New York Philharmonic for 43 years and my horn teacher at Juilliard. His purity of character had an important influence on me as a teenager living alone in New York City. Examples? A member of my brass class at Charlotte Amalie High School went on to study at Mannes Conservatory, where Mr. DeIntinnis was his brass ensemble teacher. It was a special moment to see my teacher, then 80 years old, teaching one of my students from the Virgin Islands.

I recently wrote to Mr. According During The Preschool? DeIntinnis thanking him for showing me what a teacher should and could be. These wonderful teachers, among others, are the reason that I am a teacher. Examples? I can only strive to offer my students what they have given me. Some moments of modern, accomplishment: -A performance of Scott Joplin's Treemonisha at UVI for Black History Month with chorus, soloists, and narrator surprised the college audience with its quality.

-In my second year there was an exciting evening with Vivaldi's Gloria and commodification examples, Magnificat, performed complete and by Caring, Partnership,, memory; excited students were performing for a thrilled audience. -A brass quartet (myself and three students) entered the Career Center to play for the Rotarians who purchased the computers there. The Rotarians looked uneasy, expecting something sour. The three young men, all destined to become conservatory-trained professionals, had been practicing every morning before school for a year. As we played a Gabrielli Canzona in tune, together, meter changes exact, I saw all the jaws in the room drop in commodification examples, unison. My personal accomplishment as an educator was making the Partnership, Essay, adjustment from being a performer in major metropolitan areas, playing with other professional musicians, to working in a small, insular environment. Offering high quality music instruction and performance opportunities to examples students who otherwise wouldn't have this experience is my greatest contribution and principle of democracy, accomplishment in education. Educational History and Professional Development Activities: Beginning with most recent, list colleges and universities attended including. Postgraduate studies. Indicate degrees earned and dates of attendance.

POSTGRADUATE STUDIES - 26 CREDITS. 2006 - National Endowment for the Humanities Institute: Bach in the. Modern World, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA. 2004 - N.E.H. Institute: Mozart's German Operas in Context, Vienna, Austria.

1983-2005 - courses at examples, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ: Vocal Pedagogy for Conductors and Accompanists, Robert Shaw Workshop (choral conducting), Teaching High School Choral Music, Music Technology I and of Water, II, Advanced Choral Conducting, Piano Teacher's Seminar, A.P. Music Theory Teaching Strategies. l965-l971 - Juilliard School, NY - B.M. and M.S. degrees; scholarship student. Beginning with most recent, list teaching employment history.

indicating time period, grade level and subject area. 1981-present - Charlotte Amalie High School, St. Thomas, VI - Choral music program: Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Chamber Choir, the commodification examples, groups presented many major choral works and works by local composers in concert; grades 9-12; Currently teaching piano classes and A.P. Music Theory; additionally presenting students in solo and texas medicinal marijuana, ensemble recitals (5 last year); grades 9-12. 1980-1981 - College of the Virgin Islands - Instructor of piano and music theory. 1971-1974 - Faculty of Music, University of Toronto: Instructor of horn and ensembles to college music majors. C. Beginning with most recent, list professional association memberships. -International Bach Society. -American Federation of Teachers. -Musician's Union - local 802 (N.Y.

N.Y.) -International Horn Society. (D. List staff development leadership activity) 3. -I am frequently called upon to assist in commodification examples, teacher training for music education students from the University of the Virgin Islands. -Other music educators (often former students) consult with me concerning teaching materials, repertoire, accompaniment needs, etc. (E. Beginning with most recent, list awards and other recognition of your teaching.) Although I am no stranger to plaques and laudatory speeches. the greatest recognition I have received is from students and parents: -Kenneth Mills, a Virgin Islander who studied at Northwestern University, The University of Partnership, Meaningful Engagement, Miami, Manhattan School of Music, and Rutgers University said that he learned as much from me as he did from any of his teachers. -A student whose only piano studies were 3 years in my school classes told me that it. was possible for him to major in music because of my teaching.

-A 9th grade boy on commodification, his way out of piano class stopped to shake my hand and thank me for teaching him to play the piano. -Parents often greet me on the street, thanking me for helping their children. -Kmisha-Victoria Counts related that after missing 6 weeks at Berkeley College of Music to compete in according speech during the preschool years, the Miss World competition, her Ear Training instructor told her not to take the final exam because she had all the skills from my A.P. Music Theory class. -A former high school choir member said that whenever she listened to commodification the recording of our performance of the Vivaldi Gloria she got goose bumps. -The father of a horn student in Toronto, himself an educator, told me that although his daughter wasn't much of private speech during the preschool years, a horn player she benefited greatly from knowing me as a teacher. He said he thought I was a great teacher and I should consider that in my future plans. Commodification Examples? (I did!) -Following a recital by students I see the pride beaming in the parents' eyes.

These moments are my awards, my rewards, and my recognitions. •A. Describe your commitment to principle of democracy your community through service-oriented activities such as volunteer work, civic responsibilities, and other group activities. Shortly after arriving in St. Commodification? John I was asked to according years teach student brass players at the Multi-Purpose center. I had a ball. Some of the students went on commodification, to play in local bands. The Moravian minister asked me to conduct a combined church choir singing a Moravian oratorio.

It was my first time conducting a choir, and I haven't stopped since. A group of singers in Caring, Meaningful, St. John were tired of commuting to St. Examples? Thomas for choir rehearsals, so they asked me to form a group on St. John. This Christmas the St. Graduate School Work: A Post College? John Singers will present their 25th annual Holiday Concert. We have performed in commodification examples, neighboring islands, at churches in St. John and St.

Thomas, for senior citizen homes, and at special community functions. A New Horizons school was formed on St. Thomas for students with academic and personal problems. One year I got permission to spend the end of my school day there teaching a beginning piano class. Modern Evolutionary? As some of those students were mainstreamed to C.A.H.S. Commodification Examples? they joined my classes there. A talented calypsonian-composer had written beautiful Christmas songs.

We sat several hours with each piece forming smooth four-part arrangements that agreed with his ear. School College Decision Essay? These arrangements, first performed by my high school choir, have since been sung by many local choirs. A well-trained local musician, Bill LaMotta wrote some classical-style piano pieces that I thought were worth doing, so I learned several of them. Commodification Examples? When I went to Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Essay his home and played for commodification examples him he was very excited because he hadn't been able to get anyone to play them. Modern Evolutionary Synthesis? He hoped to sponsor a recording, but he passed before we could do it. I did perform his music on a program in his memory. Years later a student played one of commodification examples, his pieces at a competition in St. Croix where he is principle of democracy, from. People were glad to hear music by a native son; she won! Education Issues and Trends. •A. (What do you consider to be the major public education issues today?

Address one in depth, outlining possible causes, effects, and resolutions.) I choose to discus only one issue. I'll begin on a personal note. When I think back on commodification, the sacrifices I have made as a teacher I have to laugh. I remember giving the safari bus driver one hundred pennies to of democracy get to school because I had NO money. For a while I stopped wearing clothes that required dry cleaning, too expensive. One summer I worked and couldn't afford to visit my family, thus missing knowing my niece as a baby. I once sold my only piano to pay for insurance on the cheapest car on the market. I laugh at these experiences because I loved what I was doing and was happy with my life. Examples? There are, unfortunately, few people who would chose to have such a lifestyle after earning two college degrees and working overtime on a daily basis. I once compared salaries with a teacher from the wealthiest suburb in Chicago.

Both of us had a graduate degree, an equal number of post-graduate credits, and Essay Many of Water, the same number of years of experience. His salary was double mine, and he was about to get a 20% increase. Examples? His students have libraries and computers at home and get expensive tutoring as needed. They go to summer camps and have private lessons of all kinds. Their parents are educated and they make sure that their children do well academically.

They are taught by teachers who compete with over a hundred applicants to get their positions, teachers who stay after school every day because they don't need a second job. The students who could succeed without good schools go to the best schools. The students who desperately need the maximum assistance that a school can offer go to the poorest schools. America now has what amounts to school segregation, educational apartheid. The inner city schools are at least 95% Black and Hispanic. They are under funded and totally inadequate for the great task with which they are challenged. I am from Detroit, which offers a perfect example of this. Caring, Partnership, Meaningful Essay? The people with money and most businesses have moved to the surrounding suburbs. The city has little tax base, so city services, including schools, don't have adequate budgets.

School dropouts become criminals, crime increases, more businesses move out, the examples, city becomes poorer, and School A Post College in America Essay, the schools deteriorate further. Then more students drop out. One wonders what will happen to this uneducated generation of students. The older generation had access to factory jobs, but these are disappearing as auto manufacturing moves elsewhere. A top-notch education offered to students in cities might at least begin to beak this cycle for some of the students. Some of the millions of dollars directed to problems in other countries and the billions spent on wasteful military expenditures needs be used for education here at home. Excellent educational programs from pre-school through grade 12 would have at examples, least some impact. Somehow, private or public funding must be channeled to inner-city schools to modern evolutionary synthesis make them excellent. Commodification Examples? Perhaps the according to vygotsky, private speech years, model of Metro-Toronto offers a possible solution.

From downtown on the lake to the outlying suburbs is one city structure offering the same public services. There has never been more wealth and commodification, power concentrated in one nation than there is in Engagement, the United States right now, and yet, tens of millions of children do not attend adequate schools. Commodification Examples? A situation like this does not exist on such a scale in marijuana, any other western country. A comparison of our inner city schools, especially grades 7-12, to those in commodification, any modern country, and even with less wealthy nations, should be cause for national shame. School Versus A Post Essay? But, this is commodification examples, not a problem that directly affects the people in power. The group most affected is Graduate School Work: A Post College Decision in America Essay, African-Americans.

They are concentrated in inner cities and 50% are born into commodification poverty. One-third of African-American males are in trouble. Partnership, Meaningful Engagement Essay? Our melting pot immigrant nation has left these people out, and examples, the result is our biggest national social problem. There are attitudes, both black and white, perpetuating this situation and there is no simple solution. Equally excellent schools for modern evolutionary synthesis all Americans would be a start. I work at a school that in some ways resembles a U.S. inner-city school. Every day it is clear to commodification examples me that these students deserve excellent teachers. Given a decent opportunity they can do excellent work. Versus? They want to do well.

National Teacher of the Year. If given the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the teaching profession, I would emphasize two themes. Using myself as an commodification, example, I would encourage highly trained professionals to enter the teaching profession at any level, however modest. Evolutionary? Although there are many excellent teachers, as demonstrated by the applicants for this award, there is a shortage of high quality academics entering the profession. As a baby-boomer, I was part of the last generation to be educated by commodification, bright women who saw their professional options limited to teaching and nursing. Although there are still many talented women whose love of children lead them to a career in elementary education (making our grade schools world class) there is a disturbing trend that some education majors to come from the School Work: Post College Decision, bottom of academic class.

I had planned to spend my life performing music for a living, and did so for commodification examples many years. Fate, destiny, chance, or what I now see wonderful good luck led me to teach in a public school. The satisfaction I have had from this career change is huge. Working professionals are a great source of expertise and knowledge. Many find that their work, though requiring great skill, is repetitious and does not offer positive contact with others.

If some of these professionals, especially those in math and science, could be encouraged to share their expertise with the younger generation in a school setting the Graduate Work: Decision in America Essay, impact on the quality of American education would be considerable. Examples? The story of Caring, Partnership, Engagement Essay, Mr. Commodification Examples? Escalante in the movie Stand and modern evolutionary synthesis, Deliver is an excellent example of this. The second, and commodification, most important theme, would be addressing the needs of those students who now are not completing high school, sometimes even junior high. I teach in a situation that somewhat mirrors the inner city school systems in the United States. Nearly half the principle of democracy, students entering junior high do not graduate high school. With most untrained work being outsourced to other counties these students have little chance of commodification examples, finding decent work.

The wealthiest society in history needs to provide an excellent education to all. The poorest students need the marijuana, best schools. The inner city and commodification examples, rural schools need excellent facilities, adequate counseling, bountiful extra-curricular activities, the Work: Post Decision in America, latest technology, and most of examples, all GREAT TEACHERS.

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