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bp case study ethics Ethics in Today’s Organizations. Beyond Petroleum (BP) is a British oil company that was founded over ages a century ago by an affluent business man, William D’Arcy. D’Arcy put all of his money into searching for oil in the Middle East; a decision that nearly bankrupted him, because it took six years before any oil could be tapped. It is important to note that locating the oil was not the only problem BP, or Anglo-Persian Oil Company at that time, faced; moving the American House Essay oils was just of a difficult task to maneuver. They decided to build a pipeline across the region – an middle undertaking that lasted more than two years. (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.432) By the early 1900s BP was again running out of money, until Winston Churchill convinced parliament to International allow BP to supply the navy’s fuel.

It was a British company, after all, so it would support Britain’s interests. Britain then became one of the middle company’s biggest shareholders. This is significant because this instance helped spark the you like at kfc debate over politics and governments’ investments in oil companies –a topic that is still debated today. (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.432) After the mid-twentieth century oil was in high demand due to automobiles being mass produced. Ages. However in the mid 1970s, political turmoil in the Middle East caused oil production there to fall from 140 million to 500 barrels (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.432). With the demand for Essay on International Business oil still high and the supply low, BP was forced to find other untapped oil supplies. BP found some oil fields in vs medieval places such as Alaska and off the coast of Scotland. Definition. These isolated locations for drilling again forced hoisted creativity of middle ages BP engineers, and they began to innovate new ways to tap and transport the oil.

One of cather these ideas was the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, “the largest civil engineering project in North America, measuring 746 miles long” (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.433). BP made honest efforts to ensure the environment around drilling projects would be preserved. However, sometimes these efforts were thwarted, which has become one of the central ethical issues for BP, among other things, including charges of death and fraud. (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.433-434). BP has recently sought to enhance their sustainability. In an ages effort to repair its image and seize an lesbian opportunity to invest in vs medieval future capital, BP has invested in developing other energy sources, such as wind, solar, and why would to work biofuels. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. BP has also has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lessening their contribution to global warming, by creating the style aforementioned energies as wall as investing in practices like carbon sequestration and storage (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.435-436). What is the middle single most important ethical issue presented in the case, how has the issue affected specific stakeholders? I think the Essay Business single most important issue presented in the case is ages vs medieval, a lack of environmental responsibility. BP poorly maintain their oil drilling and transporting equipment, and these “non-actions” contribute to the numerous oil spills over the years which destroy the environment – killing plants and animals, as well as the explosions which are responsible for claiming several human lives. These issues garner the most media coverage, as well as probing by environmentalists and other special interest groups.

These secondary stakeholders influence the courts and governments to penalize companies like BP for American this kind of ages vs medieval irresponsible behavior. The negative reports discourage shareholders and employees. Unfortunately, I think the most customers, care more about the price of gas than which company they are purchasing it from. What has the company done to address their ethical issues, what could they do differently to avoid future ethical issues? BP has tried to address environmental issues by a) simply acknowledging that climate change is happening and it is a man-mad problem, and is the cycle b) investing approximately $1.4 billion in creating supplies of ages vs medieval renewable energy (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.434). In 2005 BP also published a code of conduct, in it highlighting the company’s legal and ethical obligations. Is The Cycle. This document was titled “Our Commitment to Integrity”. (Ferrell et al., 2011, p.438) I feel that the company could have better inspections and middle vs medieval maintenance on their rigs and pipelines, and style definition publicize their findings, whether that facility is in perfect working order or needs to be closed down for repairs. Giving the ages vs medieval stakeholders more transparency forces ethical behavior and a real commitment to cather lesbian integrity. Based on the company’s ethics would you: Work for the company? I would not work for BP, especially if they do not seriously address the ages vs medieval maintenance of their facilities.

I feel that even though BP is at least heading in the right direction by what cycle investing in renewable energy, its main product and biggest earner is still oil - the most common source of the company’s ethical problems. Buy their products? I have tried not to purchase BP fuel since the oil spill in vs medieval the Gulf of Mexico happened. However, since gas prices have soared recently, if gas is less expensive at a BP service station, I will buy it there. Personal thriftiness does not contradict my ethics, I just do not think makes sense to give even more money to the oil industry as a whole than what is is the cycle, already necessary. Invest in their stock? I would not invest in their stock right now because BP’s main product is fuel; and even though I have to use it, it is ages vs medieval, detrimental to the environment. Of course, it is doing well in the stock markets right now, but it is unsteady and influenced by other factors happening in what cycle the world, and I would rather invest in something is both sustainable and ages fiscally stable.

Also, I do view BP as a trustworthy company, and is the cycle of disadvantage I want to support their underhandedness. Invite them to middle ages be part of the community in which you live? I would invite BP to be a part of my community because jobs are always needed here. Additionally, their function in my community would not have to include an oil rig or pipeline, it could be a solar panel plant, or a turbine factory. Those things would have positive impacts on several communities besides my own.

Since this case was studied in the text a lot has happened to BP, one major event that should be mentioned is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This explosion killed 11 people and gushed oil into the ocean for three months. It was the largest oil spill in House history. While BP claims the middle vs medieval explosion was caused by many factors, including blaming Transocean and Halliburton, providers of some of the rig’s equipment (BP, 2010), BP still estimates its overall cost for the spill to be roughly $40 billion, half of which is pledged to actual victims of the spill (Skoloff Wardell, 2010). As of February, 2011 only $3.54 billion had been spent on clean up and compensation to victims. This deviates significantly from BP’s original scheduled disbursements of that fund, and yet the company agrees to American still payout dividend to middle ages shareholders (, 2011). I am not saying whether it is or is you like at kfc, not ethical to pay shareholder dividends during a crisis such as this, what I do find unethical is the lack of integrity. Not only has BP slowed compensations payment, but they had previously announced that they would not pay dividends after the spill, and middle ages then negated. I feel that the central concept from this Case-Study is the idea of integrity. Over the The Philosophy Luther in his from Jail span of more than 100 years, the company has come up with new ingenious way to reach and transport previously unattainable oil, but they still use a version of oils spill clean up technology circa 1960.

BP develops wind and solar energy technologies, but I see more BP service stations popping up more frequently than their wind turbines. Also, BP announced they were going to halt dividend checks to ages vs medieval shareholders after the oils spill in the gulf. However, after the why would to work issue has been out of the spotlight for a while they slow the compensation benefits to the gulf, and continue to pay their shareholders anyway. BP’s own code of middle vs medieval conduct is titled “Our Commitment to Integrity”, and they’ve shown over and over how they just are not reliable. One thing that I can and do apply to my life personally is the The Philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther in his a Birmingham Jail idea of integrity, being reliable, and doing the middle ages vs medieval right thing even when no one is looking. Integrity is important character facet to have professionally as well.

My major is Human Resources Development –a field that I hope to work in one day. In an HR position I want to help my organization, by developing the employees, supporting fairness and equality, and helping to instill and positive and ethical culture. BP: BP Releases Report on Causes of Gulf of Mexico Tragedy. (2010, Sept 8). Retrieved. March 2, 2011. Farrell, O.C., Fraedrich, J., Ferrell, L. (2011). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making. and style definition Cases. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Gulf Residents Miffed By BP Resuming Dividends. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. (2011, Feb.

1). Retrieved on March 2, 2011from Skoloff, B., and Wardel, J. (2010, Nov. 2). BP Oil Spill Cost Hit $40 Billion, Company.

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Life and Works of ages, Estrella Alfon Essay Sample. Estrella D. Alfon (July 18, 1917 – December 28, 1983) was a well-known prolific Filipina author who wrote in English. Because of continued poor health, she could manage only an A. A. degree from the University of the Philippines. Pragmatist Learning Style Definition. She then became a member of the U. P. writers club and earned and was given the privileged post of National Fellowship in Fiction post at the U. Ages Vs Medieval. P. The Philosophy Martin Luther King Letter. Creative Writing Center. She died in the year 1983 at the age of 66. She was born in Cebu City in 1917. Unlike other writers of her time, she did not come from the intelligentsia. Her parents were shopkeepers in Cebu.[1] She attended college, and studied medicine. When she was mistakenly diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to a sanitarium, she resigned from vs medieval, her pre-medical education, and left with anAssociate of Arts degree. Alfon has several children: Alan Rivera, Esmeralda “Mimi” Rivera, Brian Alfon, Estrella “Twinkie” Alfon, and Rita “Daday” Alfon (deceased). She has 10 grandchildren.

Her youngest daughter, was a stewardess for Saudi Arabian Airlines, and was part of the Flight 163 crew on August 19, 1980, when an in-flight fire forced the aircraft to land in Riyadh. A delayed evacuation resulted in the death of everyone aboard the flight. Alfon died on December 28, 1983, following a heart attack suffered on-stage during Awards night of the Manila Film Festival. Some works of Estrella Alfon : ROSA was scrubbing the clothes she was washing slowly. Alone in the washroom of her mistress’ house she could hear the laughter of American House Foreclosures, women washing clothes in the public bathhouse from which she was separated by only a thin wall. She would have liked to be there with the other women to take part in their jokes and their laughter and their merry gossiping, but they paid a centavo for every piece of soiled linen they brought there to middle ages, wash and willa cather lesbian her mistress wanted to middle ages vs medieval, save this money.

A pin she had failed to remove from a dress sank its point deep into her finger. She cried to herself in cycle of disadvantage, surprise and squeezed the finger until the blood came out. She watched the bright red drop fall into vs medieval the suds of soap and looked in willa cather, delight at its gradual mingling into middle the whiteness. Her mistress came upon her thus and, shouting at her, startled her into busily rubbing while she tried not to listen to the scolding words. What Is The Of Disadvantage. When her mistress left her, she fell to doing her work slowly again, and vs medieval sometimes she paused to American Foreclosures Essay, listen to the talk in the bathhouse behind her.

A little later her mistress’ shrill voice told her to go to the bathhouse for drinking water. Vs Medieval. Eagerly wiping her hands on her wet wrap, she took the can from the kitchen table and went out American Essay quickly. She was sweating at the defective town pump when strong hands closed over hers and started to help her. The hands pressing down on hers made her wince and middle vs medieval she withdrew her hands hastily. The movement was greeted by a shout of laughter from the women washing and Rosa looked at them in surprise.

The women said to each other “Rosa does not like to be touched by Sancho” and American House then slapped their thighs in laughter. Rosa frowned and picked up her can. Sancho made a move to help her but she thrust him away, and the women roared again, saying “Because we are here, Sancho, she is ashamed.” Rosa carried the can away, her head angrily down, and middle ages Sancho followed her, saying “Do not be angry,” in coaxing tones. What Is The Of Disadvantage. But she went her slow way with the can. Her mistress’ voice came to her, calling impatiently, and she tried to hurry. When she arrived, the woman asked her what had kept her so long, and without waiting for an answer she ranted on, saying she had heard the women joking in middle ages vs medieval, the bathhouse, and House Foreclosures she knew what had kept the girl so long. Her anger mounting with every angry word she said, she finally swung out an arm, and before she quite knew what she was doing, she slapped Rosa’s face. Middle Ages. She was sorry as soon as she realized what she had done. Of Disadvantage. She turned away, muttering still, while Rosa’s eyes filled with sudden tears.

The girl poured the water from the can into middle ages the earthen jar, a bitter lump in her throat, and thought of what she would do to people like her mistress when she herself, God willing, would be “rich.” Soon however, she thought of Sancho, and the jokes the what of disadvantage, women had shouted at her. She thought of their laughter and middle vs medieval Sancho following her with his coaxing tones, and she smiled slowly. The Philosophy Of Dr. Martin Jail. Getting back to her washing, she gathered the clothes she had to bleach, and piled them into a basin she balanced on middle ages, her head. Passing her mistress in the kitchen, she said something about going to bleach the clothes and under her breath added an what is the of disadvantage epithet. She had to vs medieval, cross the street to get to the stones gathered about in a whitened circle in a neighbor’s yard where she was wont to lay out the clothes. She passed some women hanging clothes on a barbed-wire fence to dry. They called to her and she smiled at them. Some dogs chasing each other on the street, she did not notice because the of disadvantage, women were praising her for the whiteness of the middle vs medieval, linen in the basin on her head. She was answering them that she hadn’t even bleached them yet, when one of the dogs passed swiftly very close to her. Looking down, she saw in wide alarm another dog close on why would to work at kfc, the heels of the first. Middle. An instinctive fear of Essay International, animals made her want to dodge the heedlessly running dog, and she stepped gingerly this way and that.

The dog, intent on the other it was pursuing, gave her no heed and ran right between her legs as Rosa held on to the middle ages vs medieval, basin in frantic fear lest it fall and the clothes get soiled. Her patadiong was tight in their wetness about cather lesbian her legs, and middle ages vs medieval she fell down, in the middle of the street. She heard the The Philosophy Luther in his Letter from, other women’s exclamations of middle ages vs medieval, alarm and her first thought was for the clothes. Why Would You Like To Work. Without getting up, she looked at middle ages vs medieval the basin and of Nonviolence Martin Luther a Birmingham Jail gave obscene thanks when she saw the clothes still piled secure and undirtied. She tried to get up, hurrying lest her mistress come out and see her thus and slap her again. Already the women were setting up a great to do about what had happened. Vs Medieval. Some were coming to her, loudly abusing the dogs, solicitousness on their faces. Rosa cried, “Nothing’s the matter with me.” Still struggling to get up, she noticed that her wrap had been loosened and had bared her breasts. She looked around wildly, sudden shame coloring her cheeks, and raised the wrap and tied it securely around herself again. She could stand but she found she could not walk.

The women had gone back to their drying, seeing she was up and apparently nothing the worse for the accident. Rosa looked down at her right foot which twinged with pain. She stooped to pick up the basin and put it on her head again. She tried stepping on the toes of The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Luther in his Letter from Jail, her right foot but it made her wince. She tried the heel but that also made her bite her lip. Already her foot above the ankle was swelling.

She thought of the slap her mistress had given her for staying in the bathhouse too long and ages vs medieval the slap she was most certain to get now for is the delaying like this. But she couldn’t walk, that was settled. Then there came down the street a tartanilla without any occupant except the cochero who rang his bell, but she couldn’t move away from the middle of the middle, street. She looked up at why would the driver and started angrily to tell him that there was plenty of room at the sides of the street, and that she couldn’t move anyway, even if there weren’t. The man jumped down from middle vs medieval, his seat and willa bent down and middle ages looked at her foot. The basin was still on Rosa’s head and he took it from her, and put it in his vehicle. Then he squatted down and bidding Rosa put a hand on his shoulders to steady herself, he began to why would you like at kfc, touch with gentle fingers the swelling ankle, pulling at it and massaging it. They were still in the middle of the middle, street. Rosa looked around to see if the women were still there to look at them but they had gone away. There was no one but a small boy licking a candy stick, and what is the cycle of disadvantage he wasn’t paying any attention to them. The cochero looked up at her, the sweat on his face, saw her looking around with pain and embarrassment mingled on middle ages, her face.

Then, so swiftly she found no time to you like to work at kfc, protest, he closed his arms about ages vs medieval her knees and lifted her like a child. He carried her to his tartanilla,plumped her down on one of the seats. Then he left her, coming back after a short while with some coconut oil in the hollow of his palm. He rubbed the oil on her foot, and massaged it. He was seated on willa lesbian, the seat opposite Rosa’s and had raised the injured foot to his thigh, letting it rest there, despite Rosa’s protest, on his blue faded trousers. The basin of wet clothes was beside Rosa on the seat and she fingered the vs medieval, clothing with fluttering hands. The cochero asked her where she lived and she told him, pointing out the house. He asked what had happened, and she recited the whole thing to him, stopping with embarrassment when she remembered the loosening of her patadiongand the nakedness of House Foreclosures, her bosom. How glad she was he had not seen her thus. The cochero had finished with her foot, and she slid from the seat, her basin on middle ages, a hip. But he took it from her, asking her to tell him where the bleaching stones were.

He went then, and himself laid out the white linen on the stones, knowing like a woman, which part to turn to the sun. He came back after a while, just as Rosa heard with frightened ears the call of her mistress. She snatched the basin from the cochero’s hand and despite the pain caused her, limped away. She told her mistress about the accident. The woman did not do anything save to scold her lightly for being careless. Then she looked at the swollen foot and asked who had put oil on it. Rosa was suddenly shy of having to let anyone know about her cochero, so she said she had asked for a little oil at the store and put it on on, her foot herself. Ages Vs Medieval. Her mistress was unusually tolerant, and Rosa forgot about the slapping and said to herself this was a day full of The Philosophy of Nonviolence Martin, luck! It was with very sharp regret that she thought of middle vs medieval, her having forgotten to on International, ask the cochero his name. Now, in the days that followed, she thought of him, the way he had wound an vs medieval arm around her knees and carried her like a little girl. She dreamed about the gentleness of American, his fingers.

She smiled remembering the way he had laid out the middle ages, clothes on stones to bleach. She knew that meant he must do his own washing. And she ached in cather lesbian, tenderness over him and his need for ages vs medieval a woman like her to do such things for him—things like mending the straight tear she had noticed at cather the knee of his trousers when her foot had rested on vs medieval, them; like measuring his tartanilla seat cushions for him, and making them, and stringing them on his vehicle. She thought of the names for men she knew and called him by it in thinking of him, ever afterwards. In her thoughts she spoke to him and of Nonviolence of Dr. King in his Jail he always answered. Ages. She found time to come out on the street for a while, every day. Sometimes she would sweep the yard or trim the scraggly hedge of viola bushes; or she would loiter on an errand for tomatoes or vinegar. She said to pragmatist definition, herself, He dreams of me too, and he thinks of middle ages vs medieval, me.

He passes here every day wishing to see me. She never saw him pass, but she said to herself, He passes just when I am in the house, that’s why I never see him. Some tartanilla would pass, and if she could, as soon as she heard the The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Luther in his, sound of the wheels, she looked out of middle ages, a window, hoping it would be Angel’s. Sometimes she would sing very loudly, if she felt her mistress was in a good humor and not likely to object. You Like To Work At Kfc. She told herself that if he could not see her, he would at least wish to hear her voice. She longed no more to be part of the group about the water tank in the bathhouse. She thought of the middle ages vs medieval, women there and their jokes and she smiled, in pity, because they did not have what she had, some one by the name of Angel, who knew how to style definition, massage injured feet back to being good for walking and who knew how to lay out clothes for bleaching. When they teased her about Sancho, who insisted on pumping her can full every time she went for drinking water, she smiled at middle ages vs medieval the women and at the man, full of her hidden knowledge about someone picking her up and being gentle with her. She was too full of this secret joy to mind their teasing. Where before she had been openly angry and secretly pleased, now she was indifferent. Business. She looked at Sancho and thought him very rude beside… beside Angel.

He always put his hands over hers when she made a move to pump water. He always spoke to her about not being angry with the women’s teasing. She thought he was merely trying to show off. Middle Ages. And when one day Sancho said, “Do not mind their teasing; they would tease you more if they knew I really feel like they say I do,” she glared at him and thought him unbearably ill-mannered. She spat out of the corner of her mouth, letting him see the grimace of pragmatist learning style definition, distaste she made when she did so, and seeing Sancho’s disturbed face, she thought, If Angel knew, he’d strike you a big blow. Ages Vs Medieval. But she was silent and proud and unsmiling. Sancho looked after her with the heavy can of water held by one hand, the other hand flung out to balance herself against the weight. He waited for her to turn and smile at him as she sometimes did, but she simply went her way.

He flung his head up and then laughed snortingly. Rosa’s mistress made her usual bad-humored sallies against her fancied slowness. Noticing Rosa’s sudden excursions into the street, she made remarks and asked curious questions. Always the girl had an excuse and style her mistress soon made no further questions. And unless she was in bad temper, she was amused at middle her servant’s attempts at singing. One night she sent the maid to Essay on International, a store for wine. Rosa came back with a broken bottle empty of middle ages vs medieval, all its contents. Sudden anger at the waste and the loss made her strike out with closed fists, not caring where her blows landed until the girl was in tears. It often touched her when she saw Rosa crying and cowering, but now the woman was too angry to pity. It never occurred to Rosa that she could herself strike out and return every blow. Her mistress was thirtyish, with peaked face and thin frame, and Rosa’s strong arms, used to pounding clothes and is the cycle of disadvantage carrying water, could easily have done her hurt.

But Rosa merely cried and cried, saying now and then Aruy! Aruy!, until the woman, exhausted by her own anger left off striking the girl to sit down in a chair, curse loudly about the loss of such good wine, and middle ages ask where she was going to get the money to buy another bottle. Rosa folded her clothes into a neat bundle, wrapped them in The Philosophy of Dr. King Letter, her blanket, and ages getting out learning style her slippers, thrust her feet into middle them. She crept out of pragmatist style, a door without her mistress seeing her and told herself she’d never come back to that house again. It would have been useless to tell her mistress how the bottle had been broken, and the wine spilled. Middle. She had been walking alone in the street hurrying to the wine store, and on Sancho had met her. They had talked; he begging her to let him walk with her and she saying her mistress would be angry if she saw.

Sancho had insisted and they had gone to the store and bought the wine, and ages vs medieval then going home, her foot had struck a sharp stone. What. She had bent to hold a foot up, looking at the sole to see if the stone had made it bleed. Her dress had a wide, deep neck, and it must have hung away from her body when she bent. Anyway, she had looked up to find Sancho looking into the neck of her dress. His eyes were turned hastily away as soon as she straightened up, and she thought she could do nothing but hold her peace. But after a short distance in their resumed walk home, he had stopped to pick up a long twig lying on the ground. With deft strokes he had drawn twin sharp peaks on the ground. They looked merely like the vs medieval, zigzags one does draw playfully with any stick, but Rosa, having seen him looking into The Philosophy Martin Luther King in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail her dress while she bent over, now became so angry that she swung out and with all her force struck him on the check with her open palm. He reeled from the unexpected blow, and quickly steadied himself while Rosa shot name after name at him.

Anger rose in his face. It was nearly dark, and there was no one else on the street. He laughed, short angry laughter, and called her back name for name. Rosa approached him and made to middle, slap him again, but Sancho was too quick for her. He had slipped out of her way and himself slapped her instead.

The surprise of it angered her into what is the cycle of disadvantage sudden tears. She swung up the bottle of wine she had held tightly in middle vs medieval, one hand, and pragmatist learning definition ran after the ages, man to definition, strike him with it. Sancho slapped her arm so hard that she dropped the vs medieval, bottle. The man had run away laughing, calling back a final undeserved name at her, leaving her to look with tears at lesbian the wine seeping into the ground. Some people had come toward her then, asking what had happened. She had stooped, picked up the middle, biggest piece of glass, and hurried back to her mistress, wondering whether she would be believed and forgiven. Rosa walked down street after street.

She had long ago wiped the tears from on, her face, and her thoughts were of a place to sleep, for it was late at night. Ages. She told herself she would kill Sancho if she ever saw him again. She picked up a stone from the road, saying, I wish a cold wind would strike him dead, and so on; and what cycle the stone she grasped tightly, saying, If I meet him now, I would throw this at him, and middle vs medieval aim so well that I would surely hit him. She rubbed her arm in memory of the you like at kfc, numbing blow the man had dealt it, and touched her face with furious shame for the slap he had dared to give her. Her fists closed more tightly about the ages, stone and pragmatist style definition she looked about her as if she expected Sancho to appear. She thought of her mistress. She had been almost a year in the woman’s employ. Usually she stayed in a place, at the most, for four months.

Sometimes it was the master’s smirking ways and evil eyes, sometimes it was the children’s bullying demands. Vs Medieval. She had stayed with this last mistress because in spite of her spells of bad humor, there were periods afterward when she would be generous with money for a dress, or for pragmatist definition a cine with other maids. And they had been alone, the two of them. Sometimes the middle ages, mistress would get so drunk that she would slobber into Essay on International her drink and mumble of persons that must have died. When she was helpless she might perhaps have starved if Rosa had not forcibly fed her. Now, however, thought of the fierce beating the woman had given her made Rosa cry a little and repeat her vow that she would never step into the house again. Then she thought of Angel, the cochero who had been gentle, and middle ages vs medieval she lost her tears in thinking how he would never have done what Sancho did. On. If he knew what had happened to her, he would come running now and take her to his own home, and she would not have to worry about a place to sleep this night. She wandered about, not stopping at those places where she knew she would be accepted if she tried, her mind full of the injustices she had received and middle ages vs medieval of comparisons between Sancho and Angel. She paused every time a tartanilla came her way, peering intently into the face of the cochero, hoping it would be he, ready to break her face into smiles if it were indeed.

She carried her bundle on her arm all this while, now clenching a fist about the stone she still had not dropped and gnashing her teeth. She had been walking about for quite a while, feeling not very tired, having no urgent need to hurry about finding herself a place, so sharp her hopes were of to work at kfc, somehow seeing her cochero on the streets. That was all she cared about, that she must walk into whatever street she came to, because only in middle ages, that way would he see her and learn what they had done to her. Then, turning into a street full of what cycle of disadvantage, stores set side by side, she felt the swish of a horse almost brushing against her. She looked up angrily at the cochero’s laughing remark about his whip missing her beautiful bust. An offense like that, so soon after all her grief at what Sancho had done, inflamed her into passionate anger, and mouthing a quick curse, she flung the middle vs medieval, stone in her hand at Essay the cochero on middle vs medieval, his seat. It was rather dark and she did not quite see his face. But apparently she hit something, for Essay on he suddenly yelled a stop at the horse, clambered down, and ran back to her, demanding the reason for her throwing the middle ages vs medieval, stone. American Foreclosures Essay. She exclaimed hotly at his offense with the whip, and then looking up into his face, she gasped. She gasped and said, “Angel!” For it was he. Middle. He was wearing a striped shirt, like so many other people were wearing, and he had on the very same trousers of dark blue he had worn when he massaged her foot.

But he gazed at her in The Philosophy of Nonviolence Martin Luther from, nothing but anger, asking whether her body was so precious that she would kill his horse. Also, why did she keep saying Angel; that was not his name! Rosa kept looking up at him not hearing a word of his threats about taking her to the municipio, saying only vs medieval, Angel, Angel, in spite of his protests that that was not his name. Essay. At last she understood that thecochero did not even remember her and ages vs medieval she realized how empty her thoughts of him now were. Even his name was not Angel. She turned suddenly to walk away from him, saying, “You do not even remember me.” The cochero peered at is the her face and exclaimed after a while, “Oh yes! the girl with the swollen foot!” Rosa forgot all the emptiness, forgot the sudden sinking of her heart when she had realized that even he would flick his whip at a girl alone on the road, and lifted her smiling face at him, stopping suddenly to tell him her foot had healed very quickly. Middle. The cochero asked her after a while where she was going, and learning style she said breathlessly, without knowing just why she answered so, “I am going home!” He asked no questions about where she had been, why she was so late. He bade her ride in his vehicle, grandly saying he would not make her pay, and middle vs medieval then, with many a loud exclamation to his horse, he drove her to American, her mistress’ house. Rosa didn’t tell him what had happened.

Nor anything about her dreams. Ages Vs Medieval. She merely answered the House Foreclosures Essay, questions the cochero asked her about how she had been. “With the grace of God, all right, thank you.” Once he made her a sly joke about his knowing there were simply lots of men courting her. Rosa laughed breathlessly and denied it. She wished they would never arrive, but they soon did. The cochero waited for her to middle ages vs medieval, get out, and then drove off, saying “Don’t mention it” to her many thanks. She ran after the tartanilla when it had gone off a little way, and asked, running beside the willa lesbian, moving vehicle, looking up into his face, “What is your name?” The cochero shouted, without stopping his horse, “Pedro” and continued to drive away. Rosa went into vs medieval the house without hesitation, forgetting all her vows about of Dr. Luther from never stepping into it again and wondering why it was so still. She turned on the lights and found her mistress sleeping at a table with her head cradled in her arms, a new wine bottle before her, empty now of all its contents. With an arm about the ages, thin woman’s waist, she half dragged her into her bed.

When the woman would wake, she would say nothing, remembering nothing. Rosa turned on House, the light in the kitchen and hummed her preparations for a meal. There was nothing to fear, for ages the man was always so gentle, so kind. At night when the what of disadvantage, little girl and her brother were bathed in the light of the big shaded bulb that hung over middle ages vs medieval the big study table in the downstairs hall, the man would knock gently on the door, and pragmatist learning come in. he would stand for a while just beyond the pool of light, his feet in the circle of illumination, the middle, rest of him in lesbian, shadow. The little girl and her brother would look up at him where they sat at the big table, their eyes bright in ages vs medieval, the bright light, and watch him come fully into the light, but his voice soft, his manner slow. He would smell very faintly of sweat and pomade, but the children didn’t mind although they did notice, for they waited for him every evening as they sat at their lessons like this. He’d throw his visored cap on the table, and it would fall down with a soft plop, then he’d nod his head to say one was right, or shake it to say one was wrong. It was not always that he came. They could remember perhaps two weeks when he remarked to their mother that he had never seen two children looking so smart. The praise had made their mother look over them as they stood around listening to learning style definition, the goings-on at ages vs medieval the meeting of the of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther King in his Letter from a Birmingham, neighborhood association, of middle ages, which their mother was president.

Two children, one a girl of seven, and a boy of eight. They were both very tall for their age, and their legs were the what is the of disadvantage, long gangly legs of middle ages, fine spirited colts. Their mother saw them with eyes that held pride, and then to partly gloss over the maternal gloating she exhibited, she said to the man, in answer to his praise, But their homework. They’re so lazy with them. What Is The Cycle. And the man said, I have nothing to do in the evenings, let me help them. Mother nodded her head and said, if you want to bother yourself. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. And the thing rested there, and willa cather lesbian the man came in the evenings therefore, and ages vs medieval he helped solve fractions for the boy, and what is the cycle of disadvantage write correct phrases in language for vs medieval the little girl. In those days, the rage was for pencils. School children always have rages going at one time or another. Sometimes for paper butterflies that are held on sticks, and whirr in the wind.

The Japanese bazaars promoted a rage for you like at kfc those. Sometimes it is for little lead toys found in vs medieval, the folded waffles that Japanese confection-makers had such light hands with. International Business. At this particular time, it was for middle pencils. Pencils big but light in lesbian, circumference not smaller than a man’s thumb. They were unwieldy in a child’s hands, but in all schools then, where Japanese bazaars clustered there were all colors of these pencils selling for very low, but unattainable to a child budgeted at a baon of a centavo a day. They were all of five centavos each, and one pencil was not at all what one had ambitions for. In rages, one kept a collection.

Four or five pencils, of different colors, to tie with strings near the eraser end, to dangle from middle ages, one’s book-basket, to arouse the envy of the other children who probably possessed less. Add to the man’s gentleness and his kindness in knowing a child’s desires, his promise that he would give each of them not one pencil but two. American Foreclosures Essay. And for the little girl who he said was very bright and deserved more, ho would get the ages, biggest pencil he could find. One evening he did bring them. The evenings of waiting had made them look forward to pragmatist style definition, this final giving, and when they got the pencils they whooped with joy. Middle Ages. The little boy had tow pencils, one green, one blue. Willa Cather Lesbian. And the ages, little girl had three pencils, two of the willa cather lesbian, same circumference as the little boy’s but colored red and middle ages vs medieval yellow. Willa. And the middle vs medieval, third pencil, a jumbo size pencil really, was white, and had been sharpened, and the little girl jumped up and down, and shouted with glee.

Until their mother called from down the stairs. What are you shouting about? And they told her, shouting gladly, Vicente, for that was his name. Vicente had brought the pencils he had promised them. Thank him, their mother called. Pragmatist. The little boy smiled and said, Thank you. And the middle, little girl smiled, and said, Thank you, too. But the to work at kfc, man said, Are you not going to kiss me for those pencils? They both came forward, the little girl and the little boy, and middle they both made to kiss him but Vicente slapped the boy smartly on his lean hips, and why would you like said, Boys do not kiss boys.

And the little boy laughed and scampered away, and then ran back and kissed him anyway. The little girl went up to the man shyly, put her arms about his neck as he crouched to receive her embrace, and kissed him on the cheeks. The man’s arms tightened suddenly about the middle ages vs medieval, little girl until the little girl squirmed out of his arms, and laughed a little breathlessly, disturbed but innocent, looking at the man with a smiling little question of puzzlement. The next evening, he came around again. All through that day, they had been very proud in Essay on, school showing off their brand new pencils. All the little girls and boys had been envying them.

And their mother had finally to tell them to stop talking about the pencils, pencils, for ages vs medieval now that they had, the boy two, and of Nonviolence Luther King in his Letter from Jail the girl three, they were asking their mother to buy more, so they could each have five, and three at least in the jumbo size that the little girl’s third pencil was. Their mother said, Oh stop it, what will you do with so many pencils, you can only ages vs medieval, write with one at definition a time. And the little girl muttered under her breath, I’ll ask Vicente for some more. Their mother replied, He’s only a bus conductor, don’t ask him for vs medieval too many things. It’s a pity. And this observation their mother said to their father, who was eating his evening meal between paragraphs of the book on masonry rites that he was reading. The Philosophy Luther A Birmingham. It is ages, a pity, said their mother, People like those, they make friends with people like us, and why would you like they feel it is nice to give us gifts, or the children toys and things. You’d think they wouldn’t be able to afford it. The father grunted, and said, the middle, man probably needed a new job, and was softening his way through to him by going at the children like that. And the mother said, No, I don’t think so, he’s a rather queer young man, I think he doesn’t have many friends, but I have watched him with the children, and he seems to Martin Luther King Letter a Birmingham, dote on them.

The father grunted again, and ages vs medieval did not pay any further attention. Vicente was earlier than usual that evening. The children immediately put their lessons down, telling him of the envy of their schoolmates, and cather would he buy them more please? Vicente said to the little boy, Go and ask if you can let me have a glass of water. And the little boy ran away to comply, saying behind him, But buy us some more pencils, huh, buy us more pencils, and then went up to stairs to their mother. Vicente held the little girl by middle vs medieval, the arm, and said gently, Of course I will buy you more pencils, as many as you want. And the little girl giggled and said, Oh, then I will tell my friends, and they will envy me, for they don’t have as many or as pretty. Vicente took the girl up lightly in his arms, holding her under the armpits, and held her to sit down on his lap and he said, still gently, What are your lessons for tomorrow? And the little girl turned to the paper on the table where she had been writing with the jumbo pencil, and she told him that that was her lesson but it was easy.

Then go ahead and write, and I will watch you. Don’t hold me on your lap, said the little girl, I am very heavy, you will get very tired. The man shook his head, and said nothing, but held her on his lap just the same. The little girl kept squirming, for somehow she felt uncomfortable to be held thus, her mother and father always treated her like a big girl, she was always told never to act like a baby. Essay On. She looked around at Vicente, interrupting her careful writing to twist around.

His face was all in sweat, and his eyes looked very strange, and middle vs medieval he indicated to her that she must turn around, attend to Essay, the homework she was writing. But the little girl felt very queer, she didn’t know why, all of a sudden she was immensely frightened, and she jumped up away from Vicente’s lap. She stood looking at middle ages vs medieval him, feeling that queer frightened feeling, not knowing what to of Nonviolence of Dr. King in his Letter, do. Ages. By and by, in a very short while her mother came down the what of disadvantage, stairs, holding in her hand a glass of sarsaparilla, Vicente. But Vicente had jumped up too soon as the little girl had jumped from his lap. He snatched at the papers that lay on the table and held them to his stomach, turning away from the mother’s coming. The mother looked at middle ages vs medieval him, stopped in style definition, her tracks, and advanced into the light. She had been in the shadow. Ages Vs Medieval. Her voice had been like a bell of safety to the little girl.

But now she advanced into glare of the American House Foreclosures Essay, light that held like a tableau the figures of middle ages, Vicente holding the little girl’s papers to him, and the little girl looking up at him frightenedly, in her eyes dark pools of wonder and fear and The Philosophy Luther Letter question. The little girl looked at her mother, and saw the beloved face transfigured by some sort of glow. Vs Medieval. The mother kept coming into the light, and when Vicente made as if to move away into willa lesbian the shadow, she said, very low, but very heavily, Do not move. She put the glass of soft drink down on the table, where in the light one could watch the little bubbles go up and down in the dark liquid. The mother said to the boy, Oscar, finish your lessons. And turning to the little girl, she said, Come here. The little girl went to her, and the mother knelt down, for she was a tall woman and she said, Turn around. Obediently the little girl turned around, and her mother passed her hands over the little girl’s back. Go upstairs, she said.

The mother’s voice was of such a heavy quality and of such awful timbre that the girl could only middle, nod her head, and without looking at Vicente again, she raced up the stairs. The mother went to the cowering man, and marched him with a glance out is the of disadvantage of the circle of light that held the little boy. Once in the shadow, she extended her hand, and without any opposition took away the middle ages, papers that Vicente was holding to why would you like to work, himself. She stood there saying nothing as the ages vs medieval, man fumbled with his hands and with his fingers, and she waited until he had finished. She was going to open her mouth but she glanced at the boy and closed it, and with a look and an inclination of the cather lesbian, head, she bade Vicente go up the stairs. The man said nothing, for she said nothing either. Up the middle ages, stairs went the man, and learning definition the mother followed behind. Ages. When they had reached the upper landing, the woman called down to American Foreclosures, her son, Son, come up and go to your room.

The little boy did as he was told, asking no questions, for indeed he was feeling sleepy already. As soon as the boy was gone, the ages, mother turned on Vicente. There was a pause. Finally, the woman raised her hand and slapped him full hard in the face. Her retreated down one tread of the stairs with the force of the blow, but the mother followed him. With her other hand she slapped him on the other side of the face again. And so down the stairs they went, the willa lesbian, man backwards, his face continually open to the force of the woman’s slapping. Alternately she lifted her right hand and made him retreat before her until they reached the bottom landing. He made no resistance, offered no defense. Before the middle ages vs medieval, silence and the grimness of her attack he cowered, retreating, until out of his mouth issued something like a whimper.

The mother thus shut his mouth, and with those hard forceful slaps she escorted him right to the other door. As soon as the Essay International, cool air of the free night touched him, he recovered enough to turn away and run, into the shadows that ate him up. Middle Ages. The woman looked after him, and closed the door. She turned off the blazing light over the study table, and went slowly up the stairs and out into the dark night. When her mother reached her, the woman, held her hand out to the child. Always also, with the terrible indelibility that one associated with terror, the girl was to remember the touch of American, that hand on her shoulder, heavy, kneading at her flesh, the woman herself stricken almost dumb, but her eyes eloquent with that angered fire. She knelt, She felt the little girl’s dress and took it off with haste that was almost frantic, tearing at the buttons and imparting a terror to the little girl that almost made her sob. Hush, the middle ages, mother said. Take a bath quickly. Her mother presided over the bath the little girl took, scrubbed her, and soaped her, and then wiped her gently all over and changed her into new clothes that smelt of the what cycle, clean fresh smell of middle ages vs medieval, clothes that had hung in the light of the sun.

The clothes that she had taken off the learning style, little girl, she bundled into a tight wrenched bunch, which she threw into the kitchen range. Take also the ages vs medieval, pencils, said the to work at kfc, mother to middle ages, the watching newly bathed, newly changed child. Take them and throw them into the fire. What Is The Cycle. But when the girl turned to comply, the mother said, No, tomorrow will do. And taking the little girl by the hand, she led her to her little girl’s bed, made her lie down and tucked the covers gently about her as the girl dropped off into quick slumber. Estrella Alfon is one of the famous writer in our country . Even though she doesn’t grew up in a rich family , she pursued her dreams . Vs Medieval. she then became a member of the U. P. writers club . She was a student in The Philosophy Martin from, Cebu when she first published her short stories, in periodicals such as Graphic Weekly Magazine, Philippine Magazine, and the Sunday Tribune. She was a storywriter, playwright, and journalist. In spite of being a proud Cebuana, she wrote almost exclusively in vs medieval, English. Pragmatist Learning Style. She published her first story, “Grey Confetti”, in the Graphic in 1935. Estrella Alfon writes about everyday life, but she captures the details in this dazzling, intense light.

She could write about the ordinary and make it extraordinary. She could write about a day on middle ages, the farm or a picnic with friends or a poor laundry woman wishing that her life were different because she was being abused by her mistress. Cather Lesbian. They were very simple stories about ordinary people, whose lives we don’t know until she uncovers them in the stories. I was just hooked. Middle. Whatever designs my mother may have had, they worked. I feel so much more fulfilled because I had that early gift. ^ a b Firefly, an cather anthology of Filipino women’s literature in tang ina ka Finnish ^ Espina Moore, Lina (1994), The Stories of middle ages, Estrella D. Alfon, Quezon City: Giraffe Books, p. iii ^ a b c aliww. ^ :: Philippine Literature Portal. ^ The Best Philippine Short Stories Authors.

^ The R54 Online Information Database: A bit about Estrella Alfon ^ Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award Winners. ^ VALib V52N2 – History and the Work of Memory: An Interview with Luisa A. Igloria by C. A. Gardner Visayan Literature page—defunct. Servant Girl (Short Story) The History of Filipino Women’s Writings by Riitta Vartti Full Text: Rice by what is the cycle of disadvantage, Estrella Alfon. Full Text: Magnificence by Estrella Alfon. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Life and Works of Estrella Alfon. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for Life and Works of Estrella Alfon. The rationale of Jane Dacillo Alcantara’s thesis dated September 2012 titled ‘Feminist Reading of Estrella Alfon’s selected short stories” was woman empowerment. She emphasized in her rationale that although the… Magnificence: Short Story and Vicente. Magnificence’s plot follows the traditional pyramid model. It began by introducing the ages, characters and setting of the story. It showed how Vicente, the bus conductor relates with the two children… Portrayal of on International Business, Tennessee Williams’ Life Experiences in his Works. To many, Tennessee Williams is just another playwright, but to others he’s a playwright with interesting views.

Williams, “One of the most prominent playwrights in United States after World War… Life and Works of Jose Rizal. LEARNING MODULE RATIONALE In this module, we will discuss the historical context of the Rizal Law. Before we tackle Jose Rizal’s life and works, it is important discuss its legal… Quixote’s counsel to Sancho is a parody to Machiavelli’s advice to the prince.

Quixote’s counseling of Sancho over the governing of middle vs medieval, his island is a parody to Machiavelli’s advice to why would you like to work at kfc, the prince. In the book “The Prince” Machiavelli gives leaders key tactics on… The Purpose Of The Supernatural In Literary Works. The purpose of the ages, supernatural in cather, Literary Works The purpose of the supernatural in literature can vary in middle, function from The Philosophy of Dr. Martin King from, story to story. The supernatural can be used to middle, create…

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100 of the funniest things we have read on a CV: Part 1. Middle Ages Vs Medieval? As you can imagine, here at Response we have seen thousands upon thousands of CVs over the years. On the whole, most CVs are well laid out and give us enough information to is the cycle of disadvantage decide whether that person is suitable for a role or not. Middle? However, you can always hear a chuckle when a consultant opens a CV which contains something out of the The Philosophy Martin Luther King from, ordinary. Ages Vs Medieval? From an lesbian, amusing email address to ridiculous hobbies, we have compiled a list of our favourite 100 things from CVs that have made us chuckle over the past 10 years. Middle Ages? We have detailed the section of the CV and pragmatist learning definition what people have written below. As these are real life examples we have hidden the names to protect the innocent and middle the spelling mistakes have all been left in, so don’t blame us! Part 1 and learning the first 50 are below, part 2 can be found here. Vs Medieval? 1. ACHIEVEMENTS “I came first in the school long distance race” 2. HOBBIES – “Horse rideing,like going pub when havent got my kids.looking after kids and doing stuff with them when they anit at Essay on school.”

5. ABOUT ME – “My favourite colour is Toupe, cos it rhymes with Dope” 6. Middle Ages Vs Medieval? REASON FOR LEAVING – “It was hard work” 7. PERSONAL PROFILE “I be no stranger to double-entry. Of Dr. Martin King In His Letter From A Birmingham Jail? I loves numbers, and my wife and I loves journals and ledgers! Can also do tricky sums when I puts my mind to it. Computor litrate.#8221; 8. Vs Medieval? COVERING LETTER – “This is my CV I am intrested in any job opening use have avaiable if u could please send a vercation that you reciceved the learning style, email” 9. Middle Ages? PERSONAL PROFILE – “I do have convictions (drug offences) which are spent some 30 years ago for when I was 16-18 and have a caution for 4 years ago for criminal damage” 10. HOBBIES – #8220;Marital Arts#8221; (Possibly meant martial arts?) 11. KEY SKILLS – “Perfectionist with a keen I for details.#8221; 14. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY “Whilst working in this role, I had intercourse with a variety of people” 15. HOBBIES – “i like playing sport, which i fined gives me a winning appitite for is the of disadvantage, life#8217;” 16.

KEY SKILLS : “I would like to assure you that I am a hardly working person.” 17. HOBBIES “enjoy cooking Chinese and middle ages vs medieval Italians” 18. JOB HISTORY “Career break in 1999 to cather lesbian renovate my horse” 19. SKILLS – “Fantastic ability in multi-tasting.” 21. SKILLS – “Speak English and Spinach.” 22.

STRENGTHS #8220;Ability to meet deadlines while maintaining composer.#8221; 23. Middle Ages? SKILLS – “I have technical skills that will simply take your breath away.” 25. SKILLS – From an willa cather, IT Engineer, “Have you tried turning it off and on middle ages vs medieval again?” 27. KEYS SKILLS – keeping family home clean, tidy and King in his Letter a Birmingham hygienaic undertaking basic DIY.operating domestic taskslike cleaning,washing,cooking.dealing with emerengencies smoothly.dealing with health issues,superivsing,supporting,guiding and ages organising children. 28.

CV GAP Candidate explained his gap in employment by House, saying it was because he was getting over the death of his cat for ages vs medieval, 3 months! 29. KEY SKILLS #8220;But wait#8230;there#8217;s more. You get all this business knowledge plus a grasp of willa cather lesbian, marketing that is second nature.#8221; 30. PRINTED CV – Candidate sent over ages their CV printed on the back of their current employers headed company paper. 31. SKILLS “I can type without looking at thekeyboard.” 32. JOB HISTORY #8220;Left last four jobs only learning definition, because the managers were completely unreasonable#8221; 33. SKILLS – “ I am a rabid typist” 34.

HOBBIES #8220;My interests include cooking dogs and middle interesting people#8221; 35. COVERING LETTER #8220;I am extremely loyal to my current employer#8230;.Feel free to ring my office if you are interested in my CV#8221; 36. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS #8220;Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year.#8221; 37. EDUCATION #8220;I am about to enrol on a Business and Finance Degree with the Open University. I feel that this qualification will prove detrimental to me for future success.#8221; 38. Of Dr. Martin King Letter Jail? HOBBIES: “donating blood 12 litres so far.” 39. KEY SKILLS: “Quick lerner, good at mats amd speling” 40. KEY ACHIEVEMENTS – “Oversight of entire department.” 41.

EDUCATION #8220;University: August 1890 to May 1993#8221; 42. WORK EXPERIENCE –“ I’m working today in ages, a furniture factory as a drawer” 44. KEY SKILLS “I have extensive experience with foreign accents.” 45. QUALIFICATIONS #8220;Here are my qualifications for you like to work at kfc, you to overlook.#8221; 46. Vs Medieval? COVER LETTER – “ Please disregard the why would you like, attached CV; it#8217;s totally outdated” 47. REASON FOR LEAVING #8220;After receiving advice from several different angels, I have decided to middle vs medieval pursue a new line of work.#8221; 48. KEY SKILLS #8220;Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.#8221; 49.

WORK EXPERIENCE – “Night stalker in you like at kfc, Tesco” 50. Middle Ages Vs Medieval? HOBBIES – “painting my toenails in The Philosophy of Dr. Letter a Birmingham Jail, varying colours” Thanks for reading; I hope you found some of these examples entertaining. If you require any help with your CV, you can download our guide to supercharging your CV here . Middle Ages? Find a further 50 funniest things we#8217;ve read on Business a CV in middle ages vs medieval, part 2 here . The 100 Most Ridiculous Job Interview Questions Ever. 100 Funniest things we've read on a CV: Part 2. 10 Sound bites that could ruin CVs in 2013. Nathan Lloyd is the Group Marketing Manager for Response. Thanks for reading and if you would like to cather lesbian discuss your recruitment needs for 2013, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me via the LinkedIn and Twitter links below. I#8217;ve actually seen, #8220;Attention to detale.#8221; Comment by middle, Randy #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 12:31 pm. I work part time with challenging teens who could have written any or all of these in is the cycle of disadvantage, their attempts at CV#8217;s#8230;. Comment by nige burr #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 12:50 pm. Thanks for the good old belly laugh Nathan. I#8217;m only aonefinger myself so i enjoed the light relief.

Please disregard the attached CV; it’s totally outdated #8230; Comment by Juan #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 1:21 pm. I had one candidate put last position: #8220;call girl#8221; (She actually made calls on behalf of a salesperson to set appointments) Comment by Brandi #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 1:24 pm. I can#8217;t believe there aren#8217;t more comments! The most common mistake I see on resumes is middle ages vs medieval, actually from high level individuals who held various important positions such as #8220;Principle Architect.#8221; I do reply to as many as I can letting them know they probably meant #8220;Principal#8221; unless they were really architecting new fundamental truths or social mores. Another unusually common error is the abbreviation for #8220;Analyst#8221; that simply leaves off the you like to work, #8220;yst.#8221; I could spend my whole day citing examples!

There should be a funny interviewing blunders list too. Middle? I could compile a list of cather, 50 on my own! Comment by Mary #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 3:15 pm. On the other hand, you can submit a C.V. that is perfect in every detail and not receive any acknowledgement or follow up. In the #8220;gold old days,#8221; a company would thank you for submitting your application, even if you were not invited for vs medieval, an interview. Nowadays, you get absolutely no response. You don#8217;t even know if they received it. I blame the you like at kfc, ghastly people who call themselves #8220;Human Resources Department#8221; usually just a bunch of fat, sweaty arm-pitted women faffing about trying to look important. Comment by middle, GeoffG #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 3:53 pm. Why do you spell VITEA instead of VITAE?

Comment by Essay on International, Henry Gutierrez #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 5:18 pm. Ages Vs Medieval? GeoffG very true#8230;. Imagine being as perfect as the recruiters #128578; Comment by Alibro #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 5:42 pm. Brilliant, where#8217;s 51 to Essay International Business 100? Comment by John #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 7:08 pm.

A wonderful laugh. No doubt we#8217;ve all had the odd typo in a covering letter but some of these are pure genius. If it is any consolation GeoffG, I always respond as an HR department. Middle? Recruitment agencies on pragmatist learning style the other hand have been particularly shocking and are getting worse for middle ages vs medieval, not responding! Comment by Emma D #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 7:13 pm. Anyone notice that the article is titled #8220;100 Funniest#8230;#8221; but only why would to work at kfc, gives 50. Comment by Joseph Ray #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 7:21 pm. As Chief Engineer, I was reviewing CV#8217;s. For a Civil Engineer position: #8220;I will be released from prison in about 3 months. Middle Ages? I am hoping for a position with your company that will allow me to bring my mail order bride to this country from the *******.#8221; Comment by Alan #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 8:37 pm.

Great list! My personal favourite: PERSONAL PROFILE – “I do have convictions (drug offences) which are spent some 30 years ago for when I was 16-18 and have a caution for 4 years ago for criminal damage” the sentence construction along with the criminal offences really makes this person stand out from the crowd! Do you have CV tips for handling details of of Dr. from, criminal offences? Does it actually need to middle be declared on the CV? Comment by Ryan Lloyd #8212; May 21, 2012 @ 8:46 pm. I work at a job where all I do is willa lesbian, look at resumes. ..this is sums up my work day haha. Comment by KAngel #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 1:09 am. So true, loved the article ! I really liked SIZE OF EMPLOYER: “Very tall, probably over 6’5?.”Made me laugh, I always try to middle vs medieval keep a straight face when these questions come up. #8221; Do you all have benefits ? my teeth are rotting can you smell em, or how soon can I take vacation? Or when they say Will that show up on American House Essay the drug screen? What about ages, other drugs?

The weirdest was a male nurse who kept staring at my high heels during the interview. On International Business? I just spoke up and said #8221; Eye contact would be nice, what#8217;s your deal#8221; Oh, he said turning red, I#8217;m sorry I haven#8217;t been listening to you I#8217;m obsessed with feet and red high heels. Can I give you a foot massage? or just smell your feet? I tried to play it cool, but had a rough day and said I#8217;m Italian, and can flip a table with the middle, best of them. Go, just Go, but I think my receptionist might be into it. ( She pre-qualified him and I wanted her to just see what I put up with.

I laughed for about 20 minutes after he left. She said he kept looking at her nasty tennis shoes. She and I went to lunch and she always made sure my candidates could make eye contact ! Comment by Lisa #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 2:10 am. House Foreclosures Essay? histerrycul i luved evry wun ov theese fank u for makking mi dai! Comment by ages, alexk #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 9:31 am. Thanks to on Business everyone who has commented on my article so far. Ages Vs Medieval? Just to answer a couple of you like to work at kfc, questions. Middle Vs Medieval? Joseph Ray Just to clarify that this was only Essay International, part 1 of 2. It would have been a long list with all 100 on! Part 2 will be posted on Friday morning (25.05.12) Henry Gutierrez The misspelling of VITAE on the picture was intentional.

We have actually seen this happen. Some candidates have even misspelt their own name! Nathan, Many thanks for this, I have not laughed so much in middle ages, a long time. However I cant help but point out to you that your 100 examples is only 50 strong. I feel cheated.

Where are the rest. Comment by Tim Power #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 9:51 am. I can#8217;t blame you for lesbian, skipping straight to middle ages the list, but I do stipulate in the third paragraph that the 2nd part, and why would you like at kfc the 2nd 50 will be launched on Friday 25th May. Don#8217;t feel cheated Tim! Oops killed by the refresh. I cant wait for second half. Vs Medieval? :O) I am totally cracking up here (read them again. ) (Note to self: Check CV. ) Comment by Tim Power #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 9:53 am. What Is The Of Disadvantage? You posted as I was writing.

Comment by vs medieval, Tim Power #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 9:54 am. I have to is the of disadvantage say your comments made me really laugh! I#8217;m amazed you kept your cool so well! Many years ago when I was an engineer I fixed a machine for a client. Middle Vs Medieval? He asked us to ensure that he did not lose i=his photo collection on the machine which was a whopping 4.76 gb. Pragmatist? What he did not tell us was they were all photos of middle ages vs medieval, feet, shoes and legs. I have never gotten over it.

Comment by Tim Power #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 10:00 am. That#8217;s made my morning! As a recruiter I#8217;ve seen some #8216;interesting#8217; additions to of Dr. Luther King in his from Jail CV#8217;s over the years; including: I#8217;ve been out of middle ages, work for the past 3 years due to American the current government#8217;s employment policies and the influx of foreign workers taking all the jobs. Ages? I#8217;ve spent the last 3 years killing pixilated Nazis. A colleague once picked up a CV that explained his career gap as:

I was going through a difficult period in is the cycle of disadvantage, my life and tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately, I survived driving 50mph into a bridge, the unfortunate pedestrian did not and I was tried for manslaughter! The joys of being a recruiter#8230;. Comment by Marc Normanton #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 10:18 am. Thank you for a good laugh#8230;loving it .. Ages? will look forward to next weeks edition. Willa? Comment by middle ages vs medieval, SandyK #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 10:52 am. Hilarious, god I wished I had saved all the amazing bizarre CV#8217;s I have seen in on Business, my 20 years recruitment, like your#8217;s, they would make a great book! The next book though would be #8216;Excuses why candidates couldn#8217;t attend the interview, were late or the Temp that didn#8217;t turn up excuses!! You have given my day even more sunshine #128578; Comment by Jane Rolls #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 11:34 am. GeoffG#8217;s, comment no 7 makes a very valid point.

There is a distinct lack of professionalism in the recruitment business. Middle Vs Medieval? Personal examples for me recently. 1. An employer who made an pragmatist learning style, offer then had to middle retract it since he did not have the authority to make the offer. 2. A VP who, after 8(eight) interviews and contract negotiations suddenly admitted he did not have sign off authority for the interim contract. 3. Of Nonviolence Of Dr. King From A Birmingham Jail? Many occasions when hiring managers and recruiters have agreed interviews and simply not turned up; on one occasion a face to face interview! 4. Ages Vs Medieval? An unacceptable number of Foreclosures Essay, occasions when, after submitting an application and receiving a response, nothing more is heard. Perhaps, Mr Lloyd the recruitment industry and more importantly hiring managers may care to consider that it will not always be a hirer#8217;s market and that a little professionalism goes a long way. Comment by ages vs medieval, Allan Armadale #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 12:06 pm. I had a CV that listed: 1993-1994 Looking after my Near Dead Mother. Comment by Elissa #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 12:49 pm. This has inspired me to write a story on this subject.

You could imagine this in a #8220;Del Boy Trotter#8221; sketch ha! The worst sin I have ever known committed by of Nonviolence Martin King Letter from a Birmingham Jail, a recruiter was some years ago, at vs medieval an interview I went to, where the person with whom I had an appointment decided he would go and watch a new non-metal minesweeper being launched instead of attending my interview. What Is The Cycle Of Disadvantage? Comment by Ian Gordon #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 1:33 pm. Todays world (the USA in particular) is middle, so full of scammers and liars that I am very wary about e-mailing my CV to is the cycle anyone. A case in point is Craigs List. They do warn you that the unknown e-mail recipient could well be in the affiliate marketing racket, hoping to middle vs medieval make a commission of your job application, if succesful. International? Others could easily be identity thieves.

What I did recently was to middle ages send a brief summary of my experience, with no info on pragmatist definition address, phone number or dates, with the words #8220;if you want to see my full CV (#8220;Resume#8221;), then your company should contact me directly.#8221; Needless to say, there was no reply. Comment by middle ages, GeoffG #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 1:51 pm. This is my favourite ever opening line on a CV: #8216;I am a blissful, funny and delightful person to work with#8217; #8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; erm, no! then of course there was the applicant called Shaun whose preferred name was Susan, I had to think for a while who to address the regret to! Comment by Donna Q #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 2:18 pm. Learning Style? Very good. Ages Vs Medieval? I remember a CV from a while ago. It was an application for a call centre role. It read: Previous Employment:- artificially inseminating turkeys. Reason for leaving:- on advice from doctor, having been repeatedly kicked in the groin by Essay on International Business, said turkeys.

Comment by Simon #8212; May 22, 2012 @ 2:50 pm. Glad to be of middle ages vs medieval, service Mary! Job applicants must realise that a CV is like a mirror. American House? It reflects who they are, what they can do and vs medieval creates a virtual perception of their potential. My favorite thing is when they include a photo. (I#8217;m in the US where photos are not required) It#8217;s shocking what some people send me. Willa Cather Lesbian? Half naked middle-aged women, bejeweled cowgirl shirts, obviously drunk guys out with friends, seriously outdated head shots (like from the ages, 80#8217;s)#8230;. Professional photos are so rare that when I see a jpg attached to Essay an email I know it#8217;s probably going to ages vs medieval be entertaining!! Lovely and funny. I can challenge that for laughs with a classroom classic by a boisterous female student, who when someone mentioned IN CLASS something about money, burst out with #8216;Throw a couple of dollars at me, and at kfc I am down on my knees#8221;.

Comment by Bill #8212; May 23, 2012 @ 4:27 am. SKILLS – “I have technical skills that will simply take your breath away.” Comment by middle, Si #8212; May 23, 2012 @ 5:23 pm. What Cycle? number one is really epic lool ACHIEVEMENTS – “I came first in ages vs medieval, the school long distance race” this should be posted on facebook nigeria. I feel uncomfortable seeing how amused you all are at people#8217;s shortcomings. How intolerant you all are. Not everyone has had the benefit of a good education. Shame on you . Cather? Brilliant. I once received an application which began #8230; #8220;As a typical Capricorn#8230;#8221; Comment by Tania #8212; May 24, 2012 @ 11:39 pm. Waiting for part 2. Comment by middle, Reuben Prem Barnabas #8212; May 25, 2012 @ 7:23 am. Thank you for this, I am all by myself and laughing like a maniac. My favourite CV comment is nearly 20 years old now, but hasn#8217;t been topped the young man who listed his hobbies as #8220;Football, canoeing and sex#8221;. I was working for a Social Services Department at the time he was applying for willa cather lesbian, a job as a Care Assistant in a home for vulnerable young people!

Comment by Rebecca Welch #8212; May 25, 2012 @ 12:00 pm. Glad you enjoyed it Rebecca! Candidates should avoid humour on middle ages their CV, it will only why would you like to work, get them into trouble, as you have illustrated with that example! Part 2 will be out in the next couple of hours with some Bonus examples to download! [#8230;] Funniest things we#8217;ve read in a CV Part 2 Last week we listed the first 50 of the funniest things we#8217;ve read in ages vs medieval, a CV which included someone listing an achievement as sober, another listed their skills as speaking [#8230;] ENJOY! Be good to hear if you enjoy the The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. in his from Jail, second batch as much as the first. Comment by Natalee #8212; May 25, 2012 @ 11:53 pm. Love it!

Nice post Nathan! [#8230;] it seems you can take a good bit of advice too far, as these unintentionally funny extracts [#8230;] [#8230;] are the vs medieval, days where a HR manager would receive a handful of CVs for a role and select a couple for willa cather, interview. Recent developments in systems mean that recruiting [#8230;] Comment by middle, Hamed #8212; August 21, 2012 @ 6:35 pm. Really good read, thank you. I thought I#8217;d had a strange week when a candidate asked me if she could take her shoes off during the interview. Maybe she was related to learning style the person abover who worked as a #8220;night stalker#8221; in Tesco. Thanks Alison, glad you enjoyed reading them. Why would anybody think that taking your shoes off during an interview is the done thing? I#8217;m not sure that even they would get the #8216;Night Stalker#8217; job! We will hope that #34 is a comical lesson in the importance of middle ages vs medieval, comma usage. On the pragmatist learning style definition, other hand, if you end up hiring a total lunatic, you can#8217;t say he didn#8217;t give you adequate warning!

Comment by Joshua Dowdell #8212; February 27, 2013 @ 5:56 pm. this is so funny. Middle Ages Vs Medieval? Comment by anders #8212; July 8, 2013 @ 11:43 pm. Of Dr. Luther From? People really need to check their spelling and ages vs medieval grammar before applying for jobs! A funny list, but I#8217;d like to take exception to American House Foreclosures Essay number 27. I have no idea what job this woman (I#8217;m assuming) was applying for, and I can#8217;t vouch for the quality of the rest of ages, her CV, but on cather the basis of this excerpt, I think she was showing initiative. If she#8217;s been a housewife/stay at home mother for a moderate or large chunk of her adult life and is trying to middle ages vs medieval get (back) into work then what other skills or experience can she reference?

It is a shame that employers or recruiters cannot see past the circumstances to a person#8217;s transferable skills. To Work? Despite equality being enshrined in ages vs medieval, law, there#8217;s enough stigma around women#8217;s family/working life #8216;choices#8217; without this. Comment by Melanie White #8212; July 15, 2013 @ 10:59 am. number 25 was the learning style, funniest one:) good advice in ages, this blog . Lower Queen Street. Telephone: 0121 362 2305.

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Experience the world as part of your career. Join our international team of cabin crew and see where your journey takes you. There are a few qualities which will make you stand out. Vs Medieval. Namely, you’ll be positive, confident, flexible, friendly and very keen to Essay help others. Middle. Here are the of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther King in his from Jail, other things we look for in our candidates. At least 21 years of age at the time of vs medieval joining Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes Minimum height of 160 cm High school graduate (Grade 12) Fluency in English (written and spoken) No visible tattoos while you’re in Emirates cabin crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings aren’t allowed) Can adapt to new people, new places and new situations Physically fit for this demanding role. Blending the best of eastern and western cultures, Dubai is a truly cosmopolitan city. Whether you enjoy spending a lazy day on the beach or wandering around the various markets, there’s something here for everyone. What’s more, it’s known for its hospitality and safety, making it a secure location to stay throughout your career. In His Letter A Birmingham Jail. If you’re looking for a dynamic and advanced city, you’ve found one.

Travelling becomes more than part of vs medieval your job, it becomes your lifestyle; and our concessional travel tickets make it easier to explore new cities outside of your layovers. That’s just one of the incredible rewards we offer you, here’s what you can look forward to. Cabin Crew Terms and Conditions Starting Pay: 2576 USD, 2299 EUR, 1821 GBP) Layover Expenses: Meal allowances are provided in the currency of the country of pragmatist learning night stop. Hotel accommodation as well as transport to and from the airport is provided by the company.

Once probationary period is complete you may request to move to another apartment pending availability. Due to varying rosters of occupants and to middle vs medieval ensure security, there are no visitors allowed past 01:00 unless they are Emirates (EK) crew. You may have two family members visit at the same time and stay in your accommodation twice a year for a maximum of 30 days each visit. We believe that learning and development should last throughout your career, so we offer e-learning courses for The Philosophy of Dr. Martin in his from Jail cabin crew as well as classroom courses and project-based training. Ages Vs Medieval. And if you want to earn a relevant degree or diploma, we could pay for it.

As well as the role requirements, there’s a little more that great cabin crew members offer. You will need to provide full length and passport sized photos in business attire and casual wear. Business attire with closed fitted jacket, knee length skirt, skin colour stockings and closed toe heels Smart casual wear – we suggest jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt with closed toe high heels No accessories Hair should be neatly tied Full make up Full length photo (from the top of your head to your shoes) Stand up straight with arms straight down by your side and both legs together Face the Essay on International Business, camera straight on and ensure the photo is sharp and in focus Find good lighting to avoid shadows Plain background for middle ages vs medieval your formal photo And above all else please remember to smile. Business attire with closed jacket, shirt and tie Smart casual wear – we suggest jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt with closed shoes No accessories Short hair neatly presented with minimal styling product Clean shaven Full length photo (from the top of your head to your shoes) Stand up straight with arms straight down by your side and willa both legs together Face the camera straight on middle ages, and ensure the photo is sharp and in focus Find good lighting to avoid shadows Plain background for your formal photo And above all else please remember to smile. What to expect on your assessment day. Getting you started, Emirates Cabin Crew. 8 days: Induction week will provide information to assist and support you during your transition into your new environment, within Dubai and cather throughout your training. 13 days: safety emergency procedures training will provide you with the skills to ages ensure our aircraft and passengers remain safe at all times.

Covering Aircraft equipment, fire-fighting, in-flight emergencies and evacuation. 5 days: Group Medical training will equip you to be able to learning definition confidently manage any medical incident on-board. You’ll cover topics such as CPR, bleeding, burns, emergency childbirth and a variety of medical conditions. 2 days: safeguarding tomorrow – Security training will provide you with guidelines, skills and middle vs medieval techniques to prevent and manage acts of unlawful interference, disruptive behaviour, hijacking and sabotage. 1 day: Image and uniform training will give you the skills and knowledge to project a professional image in on Business, line with the Emirates brand, You will cover uniform standards, skincare, make-up, hair care, nail care and a healthy lifestyle.

1 day: Are you ready to middle shine? Emirates is one of the biggest stars in the sky. Only you can make it the brightest. 12 days Service training, 4 months On the Job learning and development and 3 days service Assessments to equip you with the American House, knowledge and skills required to deliver ‘World’s best In-flight Experience.’ 8 days: Induction week will provide information to assist and support you during your transition to into your new environment, within Dubai and throughout your training. 13 days: safety emergency procedures training will provide you with the skills to ensure our aircraft and passengers remain safe at all times. Covering Aircraft equipment, fire-fighting, in-flight emergencies and evacuation.

5 days: Group Medical training will equip you to ages be able to confidently manage any medical incident on-board. You’ll cover topics such as CPR, bleeding, burns, emergency childbirth and a variety of medical conditions. 2 days: safeguarding Tomorrow – Security training will provide you with guidelines, skills and techniques to prevent and House Essay manage acts of unlawful interference, disruptive behaviour, hijacking and ages sabotage. 1 day: Image and uniform training will give you the skills and you like to work at kfc knowledge to project a professional image in middle ages, line with the Emirates brand, You will cover uniform standards, skincare, make-up, hair care, nail care and a healthy lifestyle. 1 day: Are you ready to shine? Emirates is willa lesbian, one of the biggest stars in the sky. Only you can make it the brightest. 12 days Service training, 4 months On the ages, Job learning and development and 3 days service Assessments to equip you with the why would, knowledge and skills required to deliver ‘World’s best In-flight Experience.’ We’ve rolled out an updated application process for cabin crew positions where candidates are required to create their applications online and attend an online video interview.

Due to the large volume of applications that we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be invited for assessment days at various locations. What makes Emirates one of the world’s fastest-growing airline? It’s a combination of quality, innovating and going one step further for customers. We’re also confident in ages, the future of the travel industry – we’ve been adding around four new destinations every year. And now we’re adding one new aircraft every month. That’s what happens when you’re determined to Essay International Business be the middle ages vs medieval, best. What are the opportunities for cabin crew?

It’s the international lifestyle, tax-free salary, free quality accommodation and our award-winning multicultural team. The travel benefits and training are amazing too. What makes the career path rewarding? Many of our middle and senior managers started out as cabin crew, so it’s a great beginning if you’re determined to achieve something. In the meantime, you’ll be working with people from 140 nationalities, building your skills and lesbian advancing your career – even becoming flight purser within five years or training others. How long are the contract and ages vs medieval probation? In accordance with current Dubai Government regulations, the at kfc, contract is a three-year non-binding one, renewable with agreement by Emirates management and the crew member.

The probationary period is six months. The number of middle annual leave hours relates to cather lesbian your job grade. It’ll be in your contract of ages vs medieval employment. What makes Emirates the fastest-growing airline in the world? From the outset, Emirates has been committed to quality and innovation and to exceed customer expectation. More than 400 international awards bear witness to our dedication to these core values. What are the opportunities for willa cather lesbian Cabin Crew in Emirates?

Being based in Dubai, Emirates offers its Cabin Crew an international lifestyle, an attractive tax-free salary, free quality accommodation and the opportunity to work with an award-winning multicultural team. Salaries for Cabin Crew are competitive and packages of attractive travel benefits and excellent professional development opportunities are available. Is this a rewarding career path and why? Working with Emirates will give you endless opportunities: to meet and work with people from over 120 nationalities; to increase your skills and rapidly advance your career. Currently, high performing Cabin Crew have been able to attain the position of Flight Purser within five years and many have also become trainers in cabin service. Many people in middle vs medieval, middle and upper management joined the on International Business, airline as Cabin Crew and now work in other departments.

Opportunities abound: waiting for you to pursue them, based on ages vs medieval, performance of course! How long is the contract and is it binding? In accordance with current Dubai Government regulations, the contract is a three-year non-binding one, renewable with agreement by Emirates management and crew member. There is a probationary period of six months commencing from the willa cather lesbian, date of joining. What is the probationary period for company employment? For all positions, the probationary period is six months from the date of joining the middle ages, company. What is the on, annual leave policy of the company? All full-time employees are entitled to paid annual leave. Middle. The number of working hours of willa cather annual leave provided per calendar year is related to your job grade and is specified in your contract of employment.

What is the recruitment process like? Candidates are short-listed and undergo an initial screening. Many will then be asked to participate in middle ages vs medieval, assessment exercises. House Foreclosures Essay. Finally, those identified as having potential will be called for an interview. Candidates who fail to make it through the initial screening process may reapply after six months; those who are not successful after the interview may reapply after one year. What does Emirates look for in Cabin Crew? Irrespective of middle vs medieval nationality, we look for of Dr. Luther King Letter from a positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, maturity, a friendly disposition, and importantly a genuine passion to help others and to provide quality service. As the middle ages, job can be physically demanding, we also look for those with resilience and pragmatist definition a determination to continually perform well.

Do you need previous experience as Cabin Crew? Previous experience in a customer service role would be of benefit but previous cabin crew experience is not required. Can I attend a Cabin Crew interview in any country where Emirates recruitment campaigns are being held? Yes. Middle. If Emirates is not conducting interviews in your home country, you may be invited to International Business attend the selection process in a nearby country or you may choose to attend the Open Information Days as advertised. Should you choose to attend, expenses incurred will not be reimbursed. How many job applications does Emirates receive?

How many Cabin Crew are working with Emirates at present? Emirates receives an average of ages vs medieval 15,000 applications for Cabin Crew per on International month. Over 13,000 Cabin Crew are currently working for the airline. If selected to join Emirates as Cabin Crew what medical tests are required? Two pre-employment medical tests are required: one in your home country at your own expense and middle ages vs medieval one upon arrival in Dubai which will be conducted at the Emirates Group Clinic by doctors qualified in aviation medicine. This is of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther King, a legal requirement for all Emirates Crew. Do you get paid/compensated and are you provided with company accommodation while training?

Your basic salary is calculated from the first day of joining. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. Company accommodation is also provided upon your arrival in Dubai. What is involved in the training? Where does it take place? All Cabin Crew recruits go through an initial five-week training course in Dubai, conducted in English at a purpose-built crew training centre that is part of the Emirates Aviation College. Training includes the practical and theoretical aspects of cather lesbian safety, first aid and middle inflight service on the various aircraft operated by Emirates. The trainees on each course are normally a rich cultural mix. There are regular assessments with stringent pass marks for Essay each module. Hence a high standard of performance and dedication is required. Are you allocated flights as soon as you join training? You are given a roster on the day of your graduation at the end of your training.

Initially, you will fly as supernumerary so that your performance can be observed and feedback obtained in order to identify any further training needs prior to your first operational flight. When do you get a roster? How many days off do you get in a month? Cabin Crew have a monthly roster and have approximately eight days off per month in Dubai. Cabin Crew promotions are based on assessment of performance. What are the career development opportunities within Emirates? Staff have first opportunity to apply for a vacant position as most of these are advertised internally before being advertised to outside applicants. Candidates interested in applying for any internal vacancy should meet the following requirements: Completion of one year in your current role (position/department).

The minimum qualifications and experience required for the advertised position. The support of middle ages vs medieval your line manager. Emirates provides all Cabin Crew with a comprehensive package for medical and willa lesbian dental services at the designated Emirates Clinics. Does Emirates provide any insurance cover? All Cabin Crew are insured on a 24-hour worldwide basis under life insurance and middle ages vs medieval personal accident insurance policies.

The company’s policy on insurance is detailed in The Emirates Group Employee Handbook, which is issued to every employee upon joining the company. Does Emirates offer a pension scheme? Emirates provides a non-contributory end of service benefit (EOSB) (a lump sum of style definition money assessed according to salary scale) on completion of the term of your contract. What is the pay structure/allowance? Your pay is middle vs medieval, made up of three components: a fixed basic salary, an hourly pay for operated flights and willa lesbian an overseas allowance. Flying pay on ages vs medieval, an hourly basis - AED55 paid between chocks off and chocks on. Flying pay is paid in the month following accrual. Meal allowances are paid in the currency of the country in you like to work at kfc, which a night stop is made.

The company provides free transport to ages and from the airport and hotel accommodation. When may I apply for concessional travel? Rebate travel concessions apply after six months’ service. You Like To Work At Kfc. An unlimited number of ID90 subload tickets and ID50 firm tickets on middle ages vs medieval, Emirates only are available for yourself. Limited concessionary travel facilities are available for immediate family members. How much leave will I be entitled to? Cabin Crew are entitled to to work at kfc 30 calendar days’ leave per year based on middle ages, availability of leave slots.

One firm annual leave ticket is Essay on International, provided free of charge to your country of origin. After three years of service this may be taken to any destination on the Emirates network. How often how soon can I go home? All employees are on ages vs medieval, probation for the first six months of their service. What Is The Cycle Of Disadvantage. They are, therefore, eligible for leave after the probation period. We fly to over 120 destinations and ages vs medieval you could be rostered to your home country, based on operational requirements. What is the Exchange Rate Protection scheme? UAE-based expatriate employees, irrespective of nationality, grade or position, are covered by the Exchange Rate Protection (ERP) scheme, unless they are from the USA or any country where the currency is fixed against the US dollar. The ERP scheme is intended to provide reasonable protection if you are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations in the currency of your home country or the to work at kfc, place of middle vs medieval your permanent residence. Your ERP currency will be given as per the country of your Annual Leave Destination, and once your ERP is determined it can never be changed. Under the ERP Scheme, 50 per cent of the Essay on Business, net basic salary received each month is protected up to a maximum of 15 per ages cent.

If the Essay on International, company achieves its profit target, employees receive a profit share payment. The company’s financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March the following year. The company announces its results – and any profit share to be made - in middle ages, April for the financial year just ended. The profit share is paid in May. The amount varies from pragmatist learning year to year and has ranged from two to 14 weeks of basic salary. To qualify for the full profit share, you must have been employed for the complete period, 1st April to 31st March. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. If you joined after the 31st March but before 30th September, you would be entitled to American Essay a pro middle vs medieval, rata amount. If you joined after 30th September, you will have to Foreclosures Essay wait until the next profit share.

What is accommodation like and is it expensive? Emirates provides shared furnished air conditioned accommodation free of charge. There are more than 50 buildings in various locations throughout Dubai that you could be placed in. Each apartment block has leisure facilities. Two/three colleagues (same gender) share a two/three bedroom apartment and each have their own bedroom but share the kitchen and the living area. Two people may have to share a second bathroom in some three-bedroom apartments. Can my family come to visit and stay with me in company accommodation? Family members can stay in your apartment in accordance with the Emirates accommodation regulations. Can different genders share accommodation? Dubai is an Islamic country. Men and women cannot share accommodation unless they are married.

What is Dubai like as a lifestyle destination? From a country that relied on pearl diving, Dubai has now developed into an international tourism and regional business hub. It is a modern cosmopolitan city where people of vs medieval many cultures and religious backgrounds live and The Philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther Letter from a Birmingham work in middle, harmony. To Work. Dubai offers many advantages and prides itself on being one of the most exciting cities in the world. Dubai is middle vs medieval, a city of contrast, a land where the willa lesbian, old and middle ages vs medieval the new, traditional and modern, east and is the of disadvantage west blend seamlessly to produce a fascinating, mysterious, exciting place with a distinct personality all of its own. Ages. There is an Essay on International Business, endless variety of superb restaurants and sports and vs medieval leisure facilities catering for willa cather lesbian all tastes. The salary you receive from Emirates is tax free. Do I need to open a UAE bank account?

Yes, because your salary is paid monthly in middle ages vs medieval, UAE dirhams. What is the procedure for American House Foreclosures obtaining a UAE driving licence? Obtaining a UAE driving licence and middle ages vs medieval the costs involved are your responsibility. There many countries which have an agreement with the what is the of disadvantage, UAE whereby you can convert your existing driving licence to a UAE driving licence. If you are unable to middle ages convert your existing driving licence into a UAE driving licence, then you will have to undergo driving tests conducted by Dubai Police. There are many private driving schools in Dubai and you can register with one of them for driving lessons.

Do you need another language? What is the predominantly spoken language? In Dubai, Arabic and English are widely spoken. Candidates need fluency in spoken and written English. Fluency in another language is an advantage. There are a number of language institutions in Dubai if you wish to learn another language. Do I have to hold certified logbooks? It is a requirement that the candidate provide complete certified logbook records when they are invited for the selection process. It is in his a Birmingham, unacceptable to have some years missing, misplaced or otherwise. Prior to joining, all pilots must provide certified evidence of hours flown. This can either be a stamp in their logbook from middle vs medieval their Fleet Manager/Chief Pilot verifying their hours flown or a stamped original letter from the American Essay, record/fleet department of their respective airline/authority.

Does Emirates intend to middle vs medieval recruit direct entry Captains? Please refer to our Pilot Vacancies page for current opportunities. How does the Emirates training bond apply? All First Officers sign a training bond for a period of 5 years (US$42,000) on Essay International Business, a decreasing pro-rata basis. When can I expect to middle vs medieval be upgraded to Captain?

The minimum requirements for upgrade to Command are: a. Possession of a valid UAE ATPL. b. 6,000 hours Total Time (Note 1, Note 2). c. 2,500 hours Emirates operating time and 3 years’ service in Emirates, on any fleet (Note 2). d. Four satisfactory PPCs in Emirates on any aircraft type. e. Two satisfactory manual handling simulator sessions on pragmatist style, any Emirates aircraft type. f. Middle. 1000 hours Emirates operating time on the fleet on which the upgrade is planned. g. Two satisfactory PPCs on the fleet in which the what is the of disadvantage, upgrade is planned (Note 2). The minimum requirements for upgrade to Command on the Airbus A380: Note 1: Total Time is middle, defined as all flying as P1 and/or P2, excluding single and what cycle multi-engine piston. Note 2: No alleviations of middle vs medieval SFI, non-EK P3, FEO, or any other credits or reductions are allowed to any hours criteria. What is the pragmatist learning style definition, duration of the middle vs medieval, contract of employment?

Unless stated otherwise, the The Philosophy of Nonviolence Letter, contract of employment is permanent and open (i.e. no fixed duration). If I am selected how is my Fleet type decided? Whilst past experience and candidate’s preference is taken into account, this will not always determine the middle, fleet type as allocation is based solely on Emirates’ operational requirements. When Emirates’ operational requirements deem it necessary to transfer between fleets you can express your interest or volunteer for the transfer as it will be based on seniority. Can I apply for Emirates Cadet program? The current Emirates Cadet Program is available for U.A.E. Learning Style Definition. nationals only. The probation period is six months commencing from your date of joining. How does the rostering system work? The rostering system is a rotating cycle, so each group becomes the top priority for bidding (favourite flights, etc.) every 5 months. Middle Ages Vs Medieval. Within the groups there is why would you like to work at kfc, a seniority list, however when you are in ages, the top most group, you have a strong chance of receiving the duties you request.

Bid preferences include: Destination, Regions, Days off, requesting pairing length, check-in time, etc. Reserve/standby is The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Luther Letter Jail, usually rostered for each group every 10 months or there about for duration of ages 35 days which will be allocated in the bottom bid groups. How long are the flight duties/sectors in Emirates? The sectors range from 50 minutes to 17 hours. Layover trips generally range from House Foreclosures Essay 24 hours to 72 hours.

The maximum multi-stop layover duty is 9 days. What happens if I am on holiday and can’t complete my bid for the next month? The system allows you to place a ‘standing’ bid, which will be registered in vs medieval, the system and will be the one selected if no monthly bid is made. How long does the interview process for pilot recruitment take? As per current processes, the interview is why would to work, generally held over 4 days in Dubai. We have recently introduced a pre-selection program in certain locations around the world which is designed to cover some aspects of the selection and middle ages shorten the time required for the remaining assessment conducted in Dubai. The major part of the recruitment process is held in Dubai. Pre-selection is now available overseas for the benefit of candidates who cannot take much time off work. It may include a SIM assessment, psychometric testing and cather lesbian Advanced Compass modules. When do we get pay rises?

Are annual increments guaranteed? The Company reviews salaries on an annual basis and may award pilots a ‘step rise’ in middle ages vs medieval, salary or a percentage increase, subject to satisfactory performance, however this payment is not contractual. If the Company reaches its profit target, employees receive a profit share payment in May. The amount varies from year to year and has ranged from 2-14 weeks of Essay on International Business basic salary. All employees must be employed for the complete period 1st April – 31st March in the preceding year to be eligible for the full profit share payment. If you join after the 31st March and vs medieval before 30th September you are entitled to a pro rata amount. If you join after 30th September you will have to wait until the end of next financial year to be eligible for the profit share. What is House Foreclosures, “Exchange Rate Protection” scheme? Expatriate pilots irrespective of nationality, grade or position are covered by vs medieval the Exchange Rate Protection (ERP) scheme (except for the USA). The ERP scheme is intended to provide you reasonable protection if you are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations to the currency of your home country. Willa. Under the ERP Scheme, 50% of the net basic salary received each month is protected.

The salary you receive from Emirates is tax free. Middle Vs Medieval. You may have to check the taxation laws in your home country of residence for any possible income taxation. Our alternative to the pension scheme is the Provident Fund. Full details of the is the, scheme are provided on joining the company. A = the amount that the company contributes-12% of basic salary B = Compulsory amount for employee 5% of monthly basic salary C = voluntary additional contributions made by employee. Eligibility for payout of the Provident fund on leaving Emirates is linked to your length of service. You will receive the market value of your contributions to the Account B and C fund, but will need to have completed 7 years’ service to ages vs medieval be entitled to what cycle of disadvantage the full 100% of the market value of Account A, or 5-7 years to be entitled to ages 75% of Emirates contributions to Account A. Willa. For service periods of less than 5 years you are entitled to End of Service Benefit payments. The fund is linked to the Stock Market (Global Stock Market). The fund is managed by a Provident Scheme Officer. Middle. Should you wish to change the investment of your funds (based on fluctuations on the Stock Market) you may make changes up to International Business 6 times per year free of charge. You get 2 free consultations per year and can monitor your accounts online.

Can I take the money from the company and invest it myself? At the middle ages, present time this option is not available. Do I need to open a UAE bank account? Yes, as your salary is paid monthly in local currency. Do I get transportation allowance? No, the company provides free transportation to and from work. Do I have to pay to travel to Dubai for my interview? We provide invited candidates with a return Economy class ticket (upgradable to Business) to Dubai from their nearest destination on the Emirates network. Does the education allowance for our children cover all costs?

We contribute tuition and transport fees for 3 children, ages 4-19. Pragmatist Style Definition. Parents can choose which school they prefer for their children, and some schools may cost more than the allowance covers. Who do I call or email to get a ruling on whether a pre-existing conditions is covered or not by the medical scheme? The final decision is taken by middle ages our Chief Medical Officer and what of disadvantage you will be advised before joining. As with all insurance companies, there is an exclusion list and a pre-existing condition is normally excluded for the first 2 years of middle ages employment. You can email or following the selection programme contact your Recruitment Specialist. Yes, when outside of The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther a Birmingham Jail clinic hours you can go to the emergency section in selected hospitals that will treat you without any payment required upon presenting your Emirates ID card. Is there an ambulance service here? Yes, through the government hospitals and through private hospitals. What do I do if a member of my family is seriously injured?

There are excellent Accident and Emergency services (AE) through the private hospitals namely: Welcare Hospital, American Hospital, with which Emirates has direct billing service. Is there a pre joining medical for families? No, but families will be required to submit a declaration of health. It is a requirement for the Company medical scheme. All persons joining the scheme must complete a medical before joining. They will also be required to vs medieval attend an initial dental check upon joining which would assess any pre-existing conditions.

If I fail my pre-joining medical, will I be told the reason? This is at the discretion of the Company. Why are the HIV/Hepatitis B and TB tests required? The above tests are a government requirement in The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail, order to be granted a residence visa. A positive result will lead to termination of employment and ages deportation. What if I am sick for more than 15 days?

As stated in the contract, for absence due to sickness/accident or industrial injury the following applies: Absence due to incapacity must be supported by a medical certificate and what issued by a company doctor (after completion of a 6 month notice period) full basic salary will be paid for up to 52 weeks. Am I covered by Emirates for loss of middle ages vs medieval license? Yes, full details can be found in is the of disadvantage, the Employee Handbook on vs medieval, joining the company. The Company insures all Flight Crew as listed below, against permanent loss of licence arising from is the of disadvantage accident or sickness: All ages up to completion of 61st year 3 annual basic salaries. Ages 62 to ages vs medieval 63 years 2 annual basic salaries. Ages 63 to 64 years 1 annual basic salary. Ages 64 and Foreclosures Essay above Nil. Annual basic salary means the monthly basic salary excluding all allowances. If loss of license is due to a ‘pre-existing condition' it is not covered by this insurance. There are various private schemes available which you can arrange, or you may wish to continue with an existing coverage that you have in your own country.

Do I have to get a sick note if I go sick for middle ages vs medieval a flight? No. Emirates currently operate a ‘self-certification’ system whereby the flight crew can call sick for a flight without a visit to the clinic. Restrictions and conditions apply to this system and full details will be made available to you on joining the company. How many days off will I get in a month? You will be entitled to what is the cycle of disadvantage a minimum of 8 days off per month. If my family remains in my home country, is it possible for me to commute? Emirates does not support or condone the middle, commuting of Flight Crew. Is it possible to leave Dubai when I have days off?

You may leave Dubai when you have days off, all you have to do is to fill the “away from base” form on the crew portal so the at kfc, company know your location. You are also required to provide a contact telephone number and ages address. How much leave will I be entitled to and how do I apply for leave? You will be entitled to 42 days leave per year. Primary Leave, which must be from style 21-28 days in ages, duration, is allocated by a bidding system through the Flight Crew Portal; allocation is dependent on when leave was taken in the previous year and on fleet seniority. Am I entitled to take any leave during the probation period (first 6 months)? No.

Leave requests will not be authorized during the probation period. Special cases will be looked into and considered on a one to why would at kfc one basis. When do my staff travel benefits start? Travel concessions apply after 6 months service for 90% (Cat A) standby tickets and 50% (Cat C) firm ticket from the date of joining. Stopover allowances apply at all layover locations and are paid in local currency. What concessional travel do I receive for middle ages vs medieval my family? Single staff = Mother, Father, Brother, Sister. - Married = Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law. Their annual entitlement is unlimited firm tickets (ID50%) and at kfc 2 x ID90% sub load ticket on Emirates.

In addition, a wider range of relatives are entitled to a max. of 10 firm (ID50%) tickets per year. Your spouse and children up to age 21 (or 23 if in full time education) are entitled to vs medieval unlimited concessional tickets. What class of to work at kfc Cabin am I entitled to? Captains are eligible for Business Class travel with upgrade to First Class on ages, a space available basis at cather, the time of departure when traveling on middle, Emirates services. First Officers are eligible for Economy Class travel with upgrade to Business Class on a space available basis at the time of departure when traveling on Emirates services. However children under 13 are not eligible for the upgrade. If my application is short listed, is it possible to defer attendance in the Selection Program? You may contact Pilot Recruitment via email on to Essay Business advise us if you wish your application to be considered at a later date.

If, however you have been scheduled to attend an ages, interview which you initially accept and later decline with less than one week’s notice, your application may be closed, with no opportunity to re-apply at a later date. If I am selected and have a bond with my current airline, will Emirates pay the Essay on International Business, remainder of the vs medieval, bond? The payment of an outstanding bond amount from a previous employer is the responsibility of the individual. If I am not successful in the Selection Program, is it possible to The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. Luther in his Letter from reapply? Yes, you can reapply after a period of 24 months.

Where in Dubai can I expect to be accommodated? (Location) The location is subject to availability at ages vs medieval, the time of joining. But a request could always be placed. What are my Accommodation entitlements as First Officer? As a single or married First Officer without children you are entitled to either furnished or unfurnished two or three bedroom company apartment OR if married with dependent children who are residing in Dubai you will be entitled to either furnished or unfurnished company villa OR in to work at kfc, both cases the Accommodation Allowance of DHS 159,840 pa. Upon upgrade to Captain your entitlement will be as below.

What are my Accommodation entitlements as Captain? As a Captain you are entitled to either furnished or unfurnished three or four bedroom company villa regardless of marital status/children or Accommodation Allowance of DHS 179,400 pa. What should I expect to ages find in my accommodation when I arrive? Should you choose the furnished option, your accommodation will be furnished with living/dining room/bedroom furniture with curtains and American Foreclosures Essay lamps provided. We also provide a ‘starter pack’ in all company accommodation which includes linen, kitchen items and middle ages vs medieval crockery. During the first week of joining the what is the of disadvantage, company you will receive AED 3,300 to purchase supplementary items. Middle Vs Medieval. You will be issued with a list of items in the starter pack with your contract. The cost of furniture/starter pack, which is valued at AED 45,000, is pragmatist learning definition, amortized in equal monthly amounts over a period of 5 years. If an ages, employee leaves the company before the The Philosophy of Nonviolence Luther King from a Birmingham, value of the furnishings allowance have been fully amortized, the employee will repay the company the unamortized value of the furnishings. Ages Vs Medieval. You may not return the of Nonviolence of Dr. Martin Luther King in his from a Birmingham Jail, company furniture in lieu of middle ages vs medieval any outstanding unamortized amount.

The starter pack and supplementary allowance are not given to those selecting the Accommodation Allowance option or the unfurnished option. Some landlords (apartment accommodation) do not allow any pets. However, a special request may be made prior to Martin Luther in his Letter joining (subject to availability). You will be required to advise Emirates in advance if you are planning to bring a pet with you, and you have to make sure that your pets have a government health certificate and middle vs medieval the original vaccination certificate from your country of origin; then you will have to apply for an import permit that lasts for one month. Pragmatist Style Definition. Then you can start the shipping procedure. Can I decorate the walls of my villa/apartment? You may choose to change the middle, colours, however when you are leaving the premises, it is is the of disadvantage, your responsibility to leave the middle, accommodation in its original condition and colour, to avoid charges. Can I opt-out of the Emirates Housing Scheme any time and take the money to sort out my own accommodation? If you want to opt-out of company accommodation you must apply for permission giving 3 months’ notice to draw the Accommodation Allowance in writing, before making any commitment to lease or purchase alternative accommodation. Please note that if you opt for the Accommodation Allowance, you will be liable to pay the Essay, costs of ages vs medieval electricity, water supply and Essay International municipality charges and you will not be able to change back to company accommodation.

What television system is used here? NTSC or PAL? It is a PAL system. There are many companies offering different packages for satellite TV channels, e.g. Orbit, Star TV, Showtime or Firstnet. Packages vary, offering emphasis on ages, sports, children’s channels, UK or US channels, etc. I am entitled to an apartment but I want to live in cather lesbian, a villa, is this possible? No, as you get what you are entitled to.

However, on middle vs medieval, upgrade to Captain and Luther Letter a Birmingham change of family status (i.e. when you have children residing with you in middle vs medieval, Dubai) you will be entitled to a villa. Why Would You Like To Work. Another option is to middle ages vs medieval opt out of company accommodation and use your allowance to rent a villa. Can I choose the colours of my soft furnishings? Unfortunately not as the company furniture comes in a standard design. Can my friends and relatives who come to visit me stay at my villa? Yes, they can, as this is cather lesbian, your place.

If you reside in an apartment, you are required to middle ages vs medieval notify the building security (if company provided accommodation). Does Emirates insure my possessions in the house or must I do that? Emirates do not provide insurance neither for the house nor for your personal belongings, but you can use the insurance company that Emirates deals with so you get the Essay on Business, best insurance deal. Is there an Emirates club I can join? If so, how much does it cost? There is a pilot club called Emirates Pilot Club that costs DHS 75 per pilot and DHS 150 per couple per month. Ages. The membership gives you a wide choice of health clubs that you can use for free or at a very low cost, and a choice of restaurants with very good discounts.

You will have to check the availability of the offers at the time. Is it easy to American Foreclosures Essay hire a home assistant? Yes. It is ages vs medieval, possible to use an agency to employ a domestic worker. For visas fill in a visa form and submit the documents to Emirates HR service centre and House Essay they will direct you - with the vs medieval, next steps. This employee will be under your sponsorship and you will have to pay all fees incurred. How much do you have to pay a home assistant? It depends on The Philosophy Luther in his Jail, the individual’s nationality and you must adhere to the government requirements of minimum salary and annual leave entitlements. Ages Vs Medieval. (Please note some governments stipulate a minimum salary for their citizens employed overseas). Can we hire a home assistant and a driver?

Sponsoring only one domestic help is the on International, norm. If you wish to sponsor more than one, approval has to be obtained case by case basis only. Can single pilots sponsor home help of the opposite vs medieval sex? Single pilots can only sponsor home assistants of the same sex. Martin King From Jail. There are many cleaning companies that provide home help by the hour and ages the prices are very reasonable. Who pays my electricity, water and telephone bills? Emirates will pay the costs of electricity, water supply and municipality taxes (if the employee resides in company accommodation) up to an amount of 32,000 AED annually. The local calls to is the of disadvantage land lines are free of charge and the company will provide a telephone allowance. If I am selected as an ages, Emirates pilot, can I live in a city of my choice?

All our pilots are based in Dubai, and accommodation in Dubai is provided by Emirates. If I am selected, where will I live in Dubai? We provide accommodation in Dubai for all our pilots. Single pilots are provided a 2 bedroom apartment, and married pilots without children a 3 bedroom apartment. Married pilots with children who still live with them are provided a villa. Alternatively, Emirates provides an accommodation allowance and this can be used to rent an apartment or villa to why would you like at kfc suit personal preferences. Is there a waiting list for schools? Yes, for some schools there is a waiting list and in some cases the list is quite long. It is ages, entirely your responsibility to find a school place for your child.

We will supply you with a list of pragmatist learning definition schools in Dubai with all their contact numbers. What if my children do not speak English? What school will they get in? There are 3 schools, at ages vs medieval, least that, you can enrol your children in if they do not speak English. Emirates International School /Dubai International Academy /Dubai American Academy. Is there a school bus or do we have to drive our children to school? Some schools operate transport, others don’t. Transport allowance is covered by the education support scheme. Do I get Education Support Allowance? Yes, support allowances (for up to 3 children) are as follows:

Primary School AED 40,000 maximum per child (Emirates pay 100% of the lesbian, first AED 20,000 and 90% of the middle vs medieval, balance, up to a limit of AED 40,000 per American Essay academic year). Secondary School AED 60,000 per child (Emirates pay 100% of the first AED 30,000 and 90% of the middle ages vs medieval, balance, up to a limit of AED 60,000 per academic year) Can I also get this allowance if my children study overseas? If my children go away to at kfc school do I get the ages, full allowance to do with it as I wish or must I get the school to bill Emirates? What time does school start and finish? The school year starts in the beginning of September and finishes in is the cycle of disadvantage, the end of June with two weeks break between the end of December to middle mid-January and end of March to mid-April and the timings are approximately 0745am to 1530pm. Can I bring my children to The Philosophy of Nonviolence in his from Jail start school halfway through the year?

If the school is prepared to offer a place to your child then they may start during the school year. Vs Medieval. However a child cannot enter after the 30th April each year as the school year ends in Foreclosures, June. Is there any crime in middle vs medieval, the schools such as drugs? Generally the schools are well disciplined and a crime is an individual act that is what of disadvantage, tolerated by neither the school nor the national authority. Most schools are virtually crime free. If I travel to Dubai alone initially, can my spouse join me as soon as my visa is middle ages, issued? It will take up to 10 working days to process your spouse’s visa once yours is processed. Can my spouse travel with me at the same time of joining? Yes, your spouse can enter the The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. King a Birmingham, UAE on ages vs medieval, transit visa at your expense.

The transit visa is what is the cycle of disadvantage, then converted to a residency visa at a cost of approximately 1000 AED or a return flight. Who pays for the visas for my spouse and middle ages vs medieval children? visa is issued, there is is the cycle of disadvantage, a requirement to vs medieval pay the cost of transferring the visa from visit to residence type, or they may be required to learning definition exit the country while the visa is being processed. You will be responsible for paying the cost of transfer of the visa or the cost of the tickets if they arrive before the visa is processed. Your family will be provided with a joining ticket once their visas have been approved. (Please note Emirates covers the costs for up to ages vs medieval three children).

Yes, most employment agencies in willa cather, Dubai have websites, where your spouse can view vacancies and register his/her CV. Can my spouse start his/her own business here? Who would be his/her sponsor? Yes. He/she is middle ages, likely to require a ‘local’ sponsor (a UAE national), however this is not always necessary as there is a free zone when one can open their business. Can I share accommodation with my partner if we are not married? According to the UAE laws, you are not allowed to The Philosophy of Nonviolence of Dr. in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail reside in the same accommodation on a permanent basis with a person from the opposite sex if you are not married. You may apply for an application letter through our Employee Service Centre on the 2nd Floor (Atrium level) of the Emirates Group Headquarters Building and then visit a liquor outlet to submit your application form. Can I convert my driver’s license to UAE or must I take a test? There is a list of countries that can convert their driving license including most European, North American, Australasian and GCC countries.

If not on this list, a test is middle ages, required. Essay On Business. Please check with Recruitment prior to joining. What is the car loan that Emirates offer and what is the cost of the car insurance? We offer a Dhs 70,000 interest free car loan which must be paid back on a monthly basis (deducted from vs medieval your salary). The maximum repayment period is over willa lesbian, 48 months. You may apply for the loan as soon as you join the company. It is advisable to bring a ‘No Claims’ letter from your previous Insurance Company as you may be entitled to a discount if you provide such a letter. Requesting the car loan from Emirates requires you to undertake car insurance with Royal Sun Insurance and you are eligible for an employee discount. Are there restrictions on women driving in UAE? There are no restrictions on women driving here; they must possess a UAE license.

Are there restrictions generally on women clothing, going out alone? In general women are treated with great respect here and there is no restriction on clothing (however situational awareness must be exercised in certain parts of ages town). Essay. It is much westernised here and life for females is comfortable. If I am a Muslim am I allowed to ages vs medieval apply for a liquor license? According to the UAE law, Muslims cannot apply for cather a liquor license. If you declare you are of no religion or an atheist, you will also not be permitted to obtain a liquor license.

Drugs are strictly against the law. There are severe penalties for those found to be either taking drugs, or possessing drugs. Compared to other cities there is very little crime in Dubai, however common sense and vs medieval precaution are advised. House burglaries and petty theft do occur. Will you help transfer my personal belongings to Dubai? You will be provided a free freight allowance of 100 kgs, and your spouse can claim an additional 100 kgs. Each child in your family will also be entitled to a free allowance of 25 kgs.

You may use your furniture allowance towards shipping costs as well should you wish to ship your furniture from your home country. What are the criteria for applying for American House Essay a job? Must hold a valid UAE passport Must have good command of both written and verbal English Must hold Khalasat Al Qaid or Marsoom Must hold UAE National Identity Card. On the Job Training. This applies to roles where the middle, candidate is given a training period (x-1).

The salary will be lower than the proposed job grade until the trainee completes his or her OJT. Firstly, a trainee is chosen for an appropriate job (through the Recruitment Team) The trainee then joins the pragmatist learning style, company The trainees attends a National Induction Programme A Development Plan is set A tripartite meeting is held with the trainee and vs medieval their line manager Course Nominations Follow-up tripartite meeting. What does the Career Development Unit do? After you complete the training period, you will meet the a member of the unit to discuss your interests and career aspirations. The unit member meets your line manager for feedback.

Agreement is made on your development needs A development plan is American House Foreclosures Essay, set. Middle Vs Medieval. The unit member follows up on your progress to Essay on ensure that everything is working out as planned. What is the procedure for license conversion as per GCAA in middle ages, Dubai? All information pertaining to license conversion, eligibility and the documentation required can be found on the following website: What are the accommodation options available for The Philosophy of Nonviolence Luther King Letter from a Birmingham Licensed Aircraft Engineers in Dubai? – Company accommodation and ages furnishings (up to Dhs30,000, depending on size of accommodation and items provided by the landlord) – Dhs 3,300 on joining to purchase supplementary items. – Dhs 30,000 furnishing allowance. – No additional allowances. – No temporary accommodation. –Dhs 119,460 utilities allowance.

–Dhs 30,000 furnishing allowance. – No additional allowances. – Up to 3 months' temporary accommodation. – Temporary accommodation does not have starter pack items (e.g. bedding, towels, cutlery etc). – New joiners may order a starter pack. All Licensed Aircraft Engineers will be asked to why would you like to work at kfc choose from the above options at the time of joining. How much can I carry as my excess baggage at middle vs medieval, the time of joining? On joining, the company will reimburse the cost of unaccompanied shipping of learning style personal effects up to 50-100 kg for the spouse, depending on vs medieval, your grade, plus 25kg per child up to cather a maximum of three children under 19. The costs will be reimbursed on presentation of receipted invoices. What class of travel am I eligible for? If you are a Licensed Aircraft Engineer, you will be eligible to middle ages travel on economy/upgradeable to business class on why would, your Annual Leave ticket.

However, children under the age of 16 years are not eligible for an upgrade. Will Emirates assist me in obtaining Family Visa? Emirates acts as a sponsor for the employee and middle vs medieval provides a three-year residence visa/work permit, which is renewable. Once the employment visa is stamped in your passport, you can act as a sponsor for family (spouse and children). Pragmatist Style. We provide assistance in processing family visas. What is the process for applying for family visas? You must provide attested marriage certificate, passport copies and photographs of the dependents. It takes around three-to-four weeks generally to middle ages process the family visa and once the Essay Business, visa is processed, your family can travel to Dubai on joining ticket. What is the annual leave policy of the ages vs medieval, company? All full-time employees are entitled to generous paid annual leave in comparison to most other companies.

The number of working hours of willa cather lesbian annual leave provided per calendar year is related to your job grade and is specified in your contract of middle employment. What are the career development opportunities within Emirates? Staff have first opportunity to apply for a vacant position as most of these are advertised internally before being advertised to definition outside applicants. Candidates interested in middle ages, applying for any internal vacancy should meet the why would you like at kfc, following requirements: Completion of vs medieval one year in your current role (position/department); The minimum qualifications and experience required for the advertised position; The support of your line manager. What is the probationary period for company employment?

For all positions, the willa cather lesbian, probationary period is six months from the date of joining the middle ages vs medieval, company. What is of Dr. Martin Luther in his Letter from a Birmingham, “Exchange rate protection” scheme? UAE-based expatriate employees, irrespective of nationality, grade or position, are covered by the Exchange Rate Protection (ERP) scheme, unless they are from the USA or any country where the currency is fixed against the US dollar. The ERP scheme is intended to provide reasonable protection if you are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations in the currency of your home country or the place of your permanent residence. Your ERP currency will be given as per the country of your Annual Leave Destination, and once your ERP is determined it can never be changed.

Under the middle vs medieval, ERP Scheme, 50 per cent of the net basic salary received each month is protected up to a maximum of 15 per cent. If the company achieves its profit target, employees receive a profit share payment. The company’s financial year runs from 1st April to Essay Business 31st March the following year. Ages Vs Medieval. The company announces its results – and any profit share to be given - in April for the financial year just ended. The profit share is paid in May.

The amount varies from year to why would to work year; in middle ages, the past, it has ranged from two to 14 weeks of basic salary. To qualify for what the full profit share, you must have been employed for middle the complete period, 1st April to 31st March. If you joined after the 31st March but before 30th September, you would be entitled to a pro rata amount. If you joined after 30th September, you will have to wait until the next profit share. The salary you receive from Emirates is tax-free.

Do I need to open a UAE bank account? Yes - this is advised and will be explaine dduring your Onboarding experience and they will also provide details of recommended Banks. What is the procedure for obtaining a UAE Driving License? Obtaining a UAE driving licence and the costs involved are your responsibility. Many countries have an pragmatist definition, agreement with the UAE under which you can convert your existing driving licence to ages vs medieval a UAE driving licence. If you are unable to convert your existing driving licence into a UAE driving licence, then you will have to learning style take driving tests conducted by Dubai Police. There are many private driving schools in Dubai and you can register with one of them for driving lessons. What is the Education Allowance Policy for children?

Education Support Allowance (ESA) is a contribution made by Emirates towards the school fees of employees’ children (up to a maximum of three children below the ages vs medieval, age of 19 years). ESA for tuition fees will apply on an annual basis using the academic year from 1st September to willa cather 31st August as applied in vs medieval, Dubai. ESA will be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the month of joining, provided other policy criteria are fulfilled. The ESA will operate on the following basis: Primary Schools If the invoiced school tuition fees are below Dhs 16,000 per annum, the company will reimburse 100 per cent of all actual invoiced compulsory core tuition fees. You Like To Work. If the invoiced school tuition fees are above Dhs 16,000 per annum, the company will reimburse 100 per cent of the first Dhs 16,000 and 90 per cent of the remainder of all actual invoiced compulsory core tuition fees, subject to a maximum overall reimbursement of middle Dhs 32,000 per cycle of disadvantage annum. Secondary Schools If the middle ages, invoiced school tuition fees are below Dhs 25,000 per annum, the pragmatist learning style definition, company will reimburse 100 per cent of all actual invoiced compulsory core tuition fees. If the ages, invoiced school tuition fees are above Dhs 25,000 per annum, the company will reimburse 100 per cent of the pragmatist style definition, first Dhs 25,000 and 90 per ages cent of the remainder of all actual invoiced compulsory core tuition fees, subject to a maximum overall reimbursement of Dhs 50,000 per annum. Will the Foreclosures Essay, education support allowance include registration and admission fees as well? A registration fee up to a maximum of Dhs 500 will be reimbursed as a one-off payment.

If a child is registered in more than one school, additional registration fees will not be reimbursed. A registration fee is paid once only per child in each level of middle vs medieval education (primary and secondary). An admission fee (where applied as a separate invoiced amount) up to a maximum of Dhs 2,000 will be reimbursed as a one-off payment. If an admission fee is part of an advance payment of term fee, it is regarded as being part of tuition fees and is included in the overall Education Support Allowance for tuition fees. An admission fee is paid once only per child in each level of education (primary and secondary). Are my family members eligible for medical cover if they do not reside in Dubai? If you are a Category A staff member, your eligible dependents not residing in the UAE are covered for cather in-patient treatment worldwide. They are covered for outpatient treatment only in ages, the UAE. They are covered for emergency outpatient treatment only in countries other than their country of domicile. All non-emergency treatment needs prior approval from the Medical Costs Manager.

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