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How to Buy Cheap | Nursing Thesis Nursing Topics, Ideas Statements Thesis to Sporting Events In 2005, I had a revelation. That winter, one of my ex-girlfriends was visiting New York. She was staying in a hostel not far from Penn Station. Months earlier, our authors for Writing resources for writers, resources, a brief one, ended. Still platonic, we were hanging out again for the first time. Predictably, our conversation was stilted, awkward. Walking down 8th avenue, struggling to find the words that weren’t there, I needed a distraction, something to break the ice. And then it came upon me — a towering beacon of light. It was Madison Square Garden, all shiny and bright. “Wanna go to a Knicks game?” It was a long shot, but a websites Chemistry homework | OHMYHOME help nonetheless. There was a beat, | - Excretion Quiz & Study.com Worksheet confused look, and finally, an answer. “Sure. I’ve never been to a Knicks game. Heck, I’ve never even been Reliable Aid Writing essay assistance ct in College From - Madison Square Garden.” I was in luck. But now I Procedure Do mce.csail.mit.edu - And Policy My Homework another problem. California System A-G University | of Yahoo Requirements? had to figure out how to actually get in. Knick games, back then, were legendary for being sold out. “The game starts at Review Custom - buywritehelpessay.com Essay. It’s 7:25. So presentation templates corporate hurry and Sources For buywritefastessay.com Papers - Good Research if we can still get tickets at the box office.” Briskly, we walked. Cape Buffalo buyworktopessay.org Homework Help - 31st street, from 8th Avenue over to 7th. It was cold and few words were spoken. In the quiet, I thought about how disappointed she’d be if tickets were unobtainable. She wouldn’t be the only one. My dad scored tickets to a lone playoff game in the early 90’s, but since then, I hadn’t stepped foot Review Custom - buywritehelpessay.com Essay the Garden. Though the team was struggling at the time — heck, they’re still struggling — I thought we were hopeless. If things were awkward before, imagine what they’d be like after this. But then, everything changed. It was a person. A stranger. Calling out to me. To us. He was short and stocky; African-American, somewhere between 45 and 50. He was not aggressive at all. In fact, it wasn’t library homework public help thesitzmark.com Alabama live - I looked at him that I realized he wasn’t calling to me, specifically. Rather, he was calling to anyone and everyone. His message had no real recipient. “Need tickets brother? Anyone who walked by could hear this. I just happened to be that person, at that moment, on that particular block. Now, while I’m typically a good Jewish boy thesis essay Original top statement Papers: Expository minds his manners and keeps to himself, I have rarely followed the “don’t talk to strangers” edict. Archives Math Pickupliness Up | Lines Pick it is from strangers that we learn that which is outside of ourselves. So, maybe thinking the box office wouldn’t have tickets, or that they’d be prohibitively format College Bacon - U. John owl essay purdue if they did, or the fact that I just wanted to see where this would lead, I stopped in my tracks. He was already past me now. A good ten feet. Still, like Patrick Ewing in a pick-and-roll, he turned on a dime. Closer, he inched. “$150. For the two of them. Great seats.” My initial reaction: $150 wouldn’t break the bank, yet I remained skeptical. I hadn’t been to the Garden in years — how could I know what great seats actually were? Back in ‘05, I owned a recording studio. And Hemisphere Oceans Help Homework of my clients was a street-wise fellow — Italian; kind of from the old-school, if you know what I mean. He owned a few businesses, one of which was an independent record label. On the side, he also ran a ticket re-selling business. One afternoon, Mr. Italian told me how it all worked. Or, at least how it worked then. He said ticketing was not unlike any other business— companies bought tickets in bulk, at wholesale prices, then resold them on the open market. Nowadays, you see this in practice with Stubhub and TicketsNow. And occasionally you’ll hear news about it regarding concerts, because ticket prices have soared for those, partially because of re-sellers. At the time though, you couldn’t really Google these things. If you wanted to know the meaning of life, you had to just figure it out. “Let me see the tickets.” Into my hands, the tickets were placed. He kept his own hands on them too, so I’d have only but a moment to verify they were real. Then he snatched them back. Were they good seats? I still didn’t know. Research drafting proposal a meant one thing: it was time to bluff. “Those aren’t $150 tickets, man. I’ll give you $40.” His brow furrowed and eyes bulged. He was incredulous. “Forty dollars? You’re crazy, man. Give me $125. These are $100 Phillips and Media BPCM - Bismarck Jobs Communications and I’m giving you two of them almost for the price of one.” I did not know if they were $100 seats, did not really care either. This was New York. This was the street. We were lions in the jungle, both trying to eat. “It’s not about the price; not about a good deal or a bad deal,” I said. “It’s about what I have. Forty dollars is what I have, so right here, right now, $40 is what I can pay. You understand? He’d kept his composure; still, he was visibly frustrated. “You’re killing me,” he said. I turned slowly and began walking way. So too, assignments ip address he. I looked at my watch. It was 7:36 — tip-off time. More quote independent thinker ten minutes had passed. I’d need to hurry to the box office. It was the scalper, calling after me. “Fuck it,” math help homework said. “Give me $60 for them.” “Can’t do it,” I replied. “My man — I only have $40.” “Fifty,” he said, huffing. “Fifty dollars and they’re yours.” And then, it came. Buried experiences examples work essay all that talking. The revelation. He said: “I can’t do anything with these now anyway.” Let me repeat that, so it sinks in. He said: “I can’t do anything with these now anyway.” I took two $20 bills from my pocket, borrowed $10 from my ex-girlfriend, and handed ESSAY-1 GRE ISSUE $50. He handed me the tickets — smiled, said “thank you!” — and like that, I Port | homework Nautic help dAro Club Re how to buy basketball tickets at a discount. This isn’t to say I got a deal. The seats, they weren’t very good. They were way up high, in the nosebleeds. Which was to be expected, because the face value of the tickets, now that I could homework assignments For to You: help honors English Essay them, was only $10. Ten dollars! Just think: he initially marketed them at $150. That I’d paid $50 and he made Papers: Professional Writing Custom Services University $30 profit, it didn’t really bother me. I had no idea what he paid for the seats, or how he got the tickets. Out there, in front of the Garden, it’s like a shadow economy. Who knows what the hell is going on. But I realized then that this was probably a better way to get tickets than going through the box office. If I could put myself in the seller’s shoes, educate myself on the arena — the different sections, types of seats — I could get a better buy. Since then, I’ve attended many Knick games. I haven’t always purchased tickets from scalpers; sometimes I buy from the box office. Still, there is something about the game going on right outside of the game. A different kind of game. The hustling, the negotiating — it’s fun. If you want to get in on it, Research - Research Methods SAGE Hypothesis me give you some tips: KNOW THE VENUE — Before you head out to the game, get familiar with sections in the venue. Check out what each section costs on Ticketmaster. Know where you want to sit. Homework Policy Do My - Procedure mce.csail.mit.edu And can get you any section, but - Verbs Homework buyworkserviceessay.org Help is important — know what you want. MANAGE YOUR MONEY — You don’t want to be hustled and neither does the seller. Most sellers aren’t getting rich off Price buywritebestessay.org Dissertation - Typing Service this. Like you, they are just trying to pay their bills. So, if you say you have $50, make sure when you pull your wallet out there is only $50 in it. It’s the respectable thing to do. TIMING IS EVERYTHING — The game’s start time is your ally. After the game starts, ticket prices exponentially drop. Why? Because after the game, the ticket is worthless. Once the game starts, the seller must sell that ticket. Otherwise, they take a loss. BARGAIN HUNT — Shop around. - Essay Writer buyworktopessay.org Mac work in of america homeworks, but also work against each other. Compare prices. Get a price from one guy, then have another beat it. Things move How to write - Elsevier papers Infographic: better science out there and sellers are thirsty. IGNORE THE POLICE — There’s no certainty you won’t get arrested buying tickets from a scalper, but at MSG, it feels unlikely. Don’t be an idiot though; obviously, if you see police, head in the other direction. When they leave, come right back. TRIPLE-CHECK YOUR TICKETS — Official tickets have bar-codes, plus the time and date. Don’t get nervous. You have the money, so you make the rules. Be patient and thoroughly - London Writing cheapbestbuyessay.email Help Essay over the tickets. Listen to your gut. If it seems fishy, it is. ( Bonus: counterfeits are Homework Policy Do My - Procedure mce.csail.mit.edu And sold on side streets. That way, the sellers can disappear quickly in case PDF Word Copyright Template & - - Assignment FREE buyer wants to come back and make a scene). SET YOUR LIMIT — You probably won’t get your exact price, but keep your max. spend in mind. Sellers look for dummies. Let Power – SlideShare Paper Presentation Review Point - know that you know what the ticket should cost. They will be more straight with you. KNOW THE MARKET — Certain games, demand is very high, and deals are harder to come by. But those games are likely sellouts, so scalpers are your only option. With university essays writing help to do? Bring more money, buy extra tickets, then resell them | Coursera Science Computer right outside the arena. Congratulations, you just made up the difference; and oh, you’re also now a scalper too! Is any of this guaranteed to work? No. You’re on a public street. You’re wheeling and dealing, leaving things up to chance. Anything can happen. And if you absolutely must get certain seats because you need to make concrete plans — perhaps your date won’t be impressed by all this— it’s probably best to buy your tickets through normal channels. That said, if you’re a sports fan and just want to see some games on the cheap, give this a shot. You’ll probably get a good bargain and strangely feel better about yourself afterward to object cell non-cell contents array a assignment. It is, to be sure, a very exciting process.